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St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church 羅省華人天主堂

St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church is celebrating its diamond jubilee this year. The Association is organizing a great fund raising banquet to celebrate this exceptional milestone. Father Francisco Lau, who served our church for many years, is making a special trip from Hong Kong to celebrate with us. In addition to purchasing tickets for yourselves, we hope you can invite families and friends, as well as old parishioners who have moved far away, to take part in this grand event. The date is Saturday, October 18, the place is the newly refurbished Empress Pavilion, and dinner tickets can be purchased at Church on Sunday or contact Maggie Tsui at (805) 241-5905.

今年是本堂75 週年鑽禧, 協會將主辦一個盛大的籌款晚會慶祝這個難能可貴的里程. 曾為這個堂區服務多年的劉志剛神父也專程由香港來和我們一同慶祝. 希望各位教友除了自己購票外, 還邀請親友及搬遠了的教友來參與這個盛會. 日期是: 10月18日, 地點是華埠重新裝修的漢宮大酒樓. 未能親臨教堂購票的, 可直接聯絡Maggie Tsui (805) 241-5905.




510 Cottage Home Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
Tel: (323) 222-5518


Pastor: Rev. John Lam, S.D.B.
堂區主任司鐸: 林健漢神父
Associate Pastor: Rev. Andrew Ng, S.D.B.
堂區助理司鐸: 吳炳誼神父

9:30 am
English 英語 11:15 am

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2209197355/

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