天主堂消息 ​​3/11/2012

羅省華人天主堂消息 ​​3/11/2012 四旬期第三主日

1. 今天將繼續有為〝Together in Mission〞的第二次奉献,多謝各教友熱力慷慨支持,本堂以收到了$4,135。
2. 堂區感謝Fr. Chris Woerz和彭保祿神父主持昨天的中英文四旬期退省及為今天中英文彌撒的主禮。堂區祝願Fr. Chris及彭神父主寵日隆。
3. 3月12日是張大鵬及同伴的致命瞻禮,祈求致命聖人保佑中國天主教會。
4. Edward Clark主教本於在3月18日到來本堂主持英文彌撤聖祭及慶祝結婚週年夫婦祝福。因為主教有事。慶祝結婚週年將改在5月13日母親節的英文彌撒中舉行。如想參與及接主教的祝福,請與Michael Lau在聖堂外報名,費用為$25包括與主教午餐。
5. 耆英會將在3月17日星期六慶祝創會二十週年及聖若瑟瞻禮,當日9時30分開會、10時彌撒。彌撒中將有新會員入會禮及傅油禮,彌撒後將在漢宮酒樓午餐,午餐費用為$10,敬請各長者及會員報名參加。4月28日星期六耆英組將擧辦一年一度的朝聖旅行,是日早上8時在本堂出發到橙縣的Crystal Cathedral,越南聖母堂及聖心修女修會朝聖觀光,下午6時前回歸,費用是每位$20,歡迎各會員及教友參加,請在彌撒後報名。
6. 堂區將於3月17日星期六晚上7時至9時在本堂青年中心舉辦青年分享聚會,Eric Li 將分享他參加德國柏林泰澤團體歐洲青年祈禱聚會,以及探訪德國埃森教區(香港教區的姊妹教區),與當地青年互相認識交流的經歴和體驗。歡迎各位教友,特別是青年參加。詳情請向Eric Li (949)232-9556 查詢。
7. 聖家會將於4/21-22舉辦一個名為”天堂與地獄”–聖地牙哥兩天巴士團。只預訂了20個酒店房間,各額有限,先到先得。有興趣者請與Maggie Tsui, Mary Wu 或 Victoria Huang 報名或查詢。
8. 南加州天主教輔仁大學校友會為感念于斌樞機一生為教會、教育文化、人類及在美華人的重大貢獻,特別聯合羅省華人天主堂,橙縣華人天主教聯誼會、天主教東聖蓋博谷 區聖伊莉白天主堂等華人教友團體在洛杉磯僑教中心舉辦于樞機相片展。由展出照片中可呈現出于樞機敬天愛人的一生,也是我國近代史的縮影。于樞機一生奉行聖 保䘵宗徒的精神四方傳教,令人敬佩。展覽會免費入場,並將贈送精美手冊、書籖、書卡。歡迎教友帶朋友家人踴躍參加。 時間:4 月7 日上午十時三十分(開幕典禮)至下午4 時三十分,4月8日上午十時至下午4 時三十分,地奌:洛城僑教中心 9443 T Elster Ave. El Monte,CA 91731
9. 本堂男童軍感謝各教友的熱心慷慨文持他們的夏令營午餐義賣,敬請各教友繼續支持童軍的活動。
10. 恭賀本堂的足球隊在新春足球賽中榮獲第三名,多謝教友的支持。
11. 加爾默羅聖衣會會士吳建寬修士將於4月21日上下10時在拉斐爾聖堂榮升鐸品,請各教友為他祈禱。
12. 教友符月桂蒙主竉召,請為她靈魂祈禱,喪禮安排如下:守靈祈禱,3月16日晚上6時在世界中華殯儀館,安息彌撒3月17日中午12時在聖堂舉行。

今日負責接待者: ​​中文彌撒:Stanley Ng & Shepherd Group​​​​​
​​​​英文彌撒:Selina Ko & Irene Choy
本周內彌撒意向:Mary Chan求平安,羅思虹謝恩,Joann, Lorraine,Felicia求平安,Jerry Roger, Elaine Dong求工作順利,Jaonne謝恩。

煉靈(亡者)彌撒:蔡德強追念亡妻蔡冰輝,蔡營追念亡母親蔡冰輝,鷗陽忪及鷗陽鍾瑞華,Fr. Paul Caporali,SDB,諸衆煉靈。

請為以下病人祈禱: Rosa Chan, Benedict Ho,Shirley Wong, Winnie Wong,James Wong,Fr. Carmine Vario,Emily Yee,程麥麗珍。
Papal Intention for February: That the whole world may recognize the contribution of women to the development of society.

St. Bridget’s Chinese Catholic Church Bulletin
The Third Sunday of Lent

1. Second collection for “Together in Mission” this year will continue today. Our goal is $6885.64. Please give generously. To date we have already collected $4135.
2. Our church wishes to thank Fr. Chris Woerz and Fr. Paul Pang for conducting the Lenten retreats yesterday and celebrating Masses today. May God’s grace upon them ever increase.
3. Tomorrow, March 12th is the Feast of David Zhang and Companion, martyrs. May the saints bless the Church in China.
4. Bishop Clark had intended to be here on March 18th to celebrate Mass and bless those couples whose anniversaries are divisible by five or over fifty. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he will now be here for the blessing on Mother’s Day, May 13th, during the English Mass. If you wish to take part, please register with Michael Lau outside the church. The cost is $25, including lunch with the bishop.
5. On Saturday March 17th, the Everyoung Society will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its founding, as well as the Feast of St. Joseph, its patron saint. Initiation of new members and the sacrament of anointing will be conducted. There will be a luncheon at Empress Pavilion after Mass. The cost of the luncheon is $10. All elders and members are reminded to register.
6. The Parish Youth Center will host a Youth Gathering on Saturday, March 17 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eric Li will share his experience in the Taizé Europe prayer gathering in Berlin, and the visit of the Diocese of Essen in Germany (sister Diocese of the Diocese of Hong Kong) for the Youth exchange program. We would like to invite all the parishioners, especially the youth to join this gathering. For more information please contact Eric Li.
7. In the weekend of April 21 to 22, the Holy Family Society will have a two day bus trip to San Diego, nicknamed “Heaven and Hell”. Only 20 hotel rooms are reserved, and the limited reservations are given on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, please inquire or register with Maggie Tsui, Mary Wu, or Victoria Huang.
8. The Southern California Fu Jen Catholic University Alumni Association, in appreciation and memory of Cardinal Yu Bin’s lifelong contribution to the Church, education, humanity, and especially to the Chinese community in America, has arranged for a photo exhibit of the Cardinal, in coordination with St. Bridget’s, the Orange County Chinese Catholic Association, and the Chinese Catholic organization of St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Hacienda Heights. The photographs exhibited will make evident the Cardinal’s reverence towards God and love for His people, and constitute a microcosm of the modern history of China. Cardinal Yu’s emulation of St. Paul’s missionary work is truly admirable. The exhibit will be on Saturday, April 7th from 10:30 a.m. (with an opening ceremony) to 4:30 p.m. at the Los Angeles Overseas Chinese Education Center, 9443 Telster Ave., El Monte CA 91731. Admission is free, with gifts of booklets, bookmarks, and cards. Parishioners are encouraged to bring their families and friends.
9. Our church’s Boy Scouts Troop 168 wishes to thank the parishioners for their avid and generous support of the luncheon sale to support its summer camp. It wishes to invite the parishioners to continue their support for its activities.
10. Congratulations to our soccer team for finishing in third place in the Lunar New Year tournament. It wishes to thank all the parishioners for their support.
11. Brother Wu (吳建寬修士) of the Carmelite Order will receive his ordination to priesthood on Saturday, April 21st at 10 a.m. at St. Raphael Church. Please support him with your prayers.
12. Parishioner Fu (教友符月桂) had been recalled by the Lord, please pray for the repose of her soul. Funeral arrangements are as follows: Rosary will be at 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 16th at the Universal Chung Wah Funeral Directors. Funeral Mass will be on Saturday 17th at noon in this church.

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