天主堂消息 ​​4/22/2012

羅省華人天主堂消息 ​​4/22/2012 復活節第三主日


1. 恭賀今天在英文彌撒中領堅振的多位青年,願他們得到聖神的帶領,堅強他們的信仰,也為教會作出一點貢献。
2. 恭賀加爾默羅聖衣會會士吳建寬修士昨天在拉斐爾聖堂榮升鐸品,願吳建寬神父聖竉萬增,在聖神的帶領下作為一位優秀司鐸為教會及教友服務,我們也讚美主恩賜多一位華人神師給教會,請各教友為吳建寬神父祈禱。
3. 多謝各教友慷慨支持,本堂已收到了$7,193.00為〝Together in Mission〞的第二次奉献,我們也超過教區給本堂的目標。
4. 4月25日(星期三) 是聖馬爾谷聖史慶日,請參與彌撒,求聖人降福聖教會。
5. 聖母軍將於5月12日星期六,早上9時半舉行中華聖母彌撒,歡迎教友參加。教友可向聖母軍團員拿取心願紙,填寫祈禱意向。
6. 聖家會週年退省5月27~28(週日,週一),這是我們唯一可以配合到神父和避靜中心的日子。 特別邀請到耶穌會的陳耀聲神父,在回香港前百忙中抽出這兩 天作我們的指導神師。主題是:「教會. 教會」(Teaching Church) 地點:5300 Crest Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, 費用:留宿–會員$110;非會員$130. 日營–會員$80;非會員$90。彌撒後請向Connie Lau, Maggie Tsui 或 Victoria Huang報名
7. 4月28日星期六耆英組將擧辦一年一度的朝聖旅行,是日早上8時在本堂出發到橙縣的Crystal Cathedral,越南聖母堂及聖心修女修會朝聖觀光,下午6時前回歸,費用是每位$20,歡迎各會員及教友參加,請在彌撒後報名。
8. 聖家會在今年重組荷理活音樂碗音樂欣賞活動。日期:七月四日,將有美妙音樂及煙花會演。在音樂會前將有團體野餐。費用:會員$38,非會員$40 (包含門票及野餐的飲品和所需餐具)。彌撒後請與Paul Lee或Victoria Huang報名及查詢。由於荷理活音樂碗的購票規限,五月十三日是團體最後購票日期,有興趣者請盡早登記購票。
今日負責接待者: ​​
​​​​中文彌撒:Rita Chu, Josephine Chong & Albert Chong)
​​​​英文彌撒:Peter Wong, Jude Wong & Selina Ko

本周內彌撒意向:Alfredo & Lourdes求平安健康,Grace Li求平安,Kao S. Chang高史紹莊謝主,David & Victoria Law 謝恩。

煉靈(亡者)彌撒:劉鏡池追思亡母劉梁鳳儀,袁偉雄追思亡父袁金城,Br. Haig,諸衆煉靈。

請為以下病人祈禱:Fr. Pascual Chavez,彭保祿神父,Rosa Chan, Benedict Ho,Shirley Wong, Winnie Wong,James Wong,Fr. Carmine Vairo,Emily Yee,程麥麗珍,鄺瑞儀。


Papal Intention for April: That many young people may hear the call of Christ and follow him in the priesthood and religous life.


St. Bridget’s Chinese Catholic Church Bulletin
The Third Sunday of Easter

1. Congratulations to the young people receiving Confirmation today in the English Mass. May they, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, strengthen their faith and contribute towards the universal church.
2. Congratulations to Brother Wu (吳建寬修士) of the Carmelite Order, who received his ordination to priesthood yesterday. May God’s grace on Father Wu ever increase, and may he become an outstanding priest under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and truly work for the church and the parishioners. We praise God for giving us another Chinese priest, and please support him with your prayers.
3. Thanks to the generosity of the parishioners, we have collected $7193.00 for “Together in Mission, which exceeds the goal, assigned us by the Archdiocese, by more than three hundred dollars.
4. Wednesday, April 25, is the Feast of St. Mark. Please attend Mass and pray that the saint will bless the holy Church.
5. On Saturday, May 12, at 9:30 a.m., the Legion of Mary will have a Mass honoring our Lady of China. All parishioners are welcome to attend, and you can obtain a form from the members to fill in your prayers.
6. The annual retreat of the Holy Family Society will take place on the Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend (May 27 and 28). This is the only time when both the priest and the site will be available. We have invited the Jesuit priest Father Chan (陳耀聲神父) to take time out from his busy schedule to conduct the retreat before his return to Hong Kong. The topic is “Teaching Church”. The retreat will take place at 5300 Crest Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. The cost is $110 for members and $130 for non-members for overnight stay, and $80 and $90 for day campers. Please inquire with Connie Lau, Maggie Tsui, or Victoria Huang after the Masses.
7. The Everyoung Society will hold their annual pilgrimage on Saturday April 28. It will leave for the Crystal Cathedral, the Our Lady of Vietnam church, and the convent of the Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart in Orange County at 8 a.m., and return before 6 p.m. The cost is $20 per person, and all members and parishioners are welcome. Please register after Mass.
8. The Holy Family Society has resumed its annual Hollywood Bowl concert. It will be held on the Fourth of July, with “Spectacular” music and firework display. We will have a picnic beforehand, of course. The cost is $38 for members and $40 for non-members, including admission and drinks and supplies at the picnic. Please contact Paul Lee and Victoria Huang after the Masses for reservation or further detail. Due to Hollywood Bowl policy, the last day for tickets is May 13, so don’t delay.

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