天主堂消息 ​​11/11/2012

羅省華人天主堂消息 ​​11/11/2012 常年期第三十二主曰


1. 我們誠心感謝吳建寬神父(Fr. Michael Joseph Wu) 及Fr. William Keane今天為本堂教友主持彌撒聖祭,祈求上主多多降福他們。
2. 今天牧民議會在下午1時30分開會,請各會員準時出席。
3. 小狼隊現正招收新年度團員,凡年齡7-10歲男孩均可參加。活動包括安全知識,紀律培訓,參觀,旅行和路營等,既多元化又充實,並可增強親子關係。有興趣者,可聯絡隊長Kevin Kwan或Augustine Yao。今天11/11和下星期日11/18在聖堂外有展覽,歡迎參觀和查詢。
4. 青少年組TFC多謝各教友支持一年一度『收集罐頭食品和火雞』活動,為St Mary教堂食物支援計劃。收集罐頭食品繼續至11/18,收集火雞只在11/18,亦歡迎捐款贊助。
5. 堂區將臨期退省將於12月1日星期六上午9時至下午4時舉行,中文講者是伍國超神父(Fr. Jay Wu) ,英文退省由今屆加州華人天主教青年生活營主講神師,來自聖荷西的Fr. Joseph Kim主講。費用為每位$12,包午餐。在11月19日之前報名及付款,費用每位只需$10。教友可於中英文彌撒後報名參加。詳情請向Eric Li, Daniel Choy 及 Nathan Lau 查詢。
6. 正為採購聖誕節禮物傷腦筋?由恩保德神父監製;歌星葉麗儀首張「信仰音樂專輯」CD已空運到北美。既可自己欣賞,又可福傳和做慈善,一舉三得。已經定購或想購買,彌撒後可與Connie聯絡。數量有限,欲購從速。
7. 2013至2014年的堂區牧民議會將在十一月尾改選新任牧民議會會員,任期為兩年。牧民議會會員的職責包括提供議見及幫助主任神父在堂區福傳工作,發展,及堂區日常事務。敬請各教友提名可參與下屆的議會的名字。議會會員提名表將由Joseph Ng, Warren Lee或招待員提供。
8. 11月12日星期一是美國退伍軍人日,是公衆假期,堂區辨事處休假一天,如有要事請與Michael Lau聯絡。

今日負貴接待者: ​​
中文彌撒:Warren Lee, Jacqueline Tong & Eddie Choi
英文彌撒: Joe Ng & Peter Chung



請為以下病人祈禱:Fr. Chris Woerz,葉修女,Rosa Chan,Shirley Wong, Winnie Wong, Fr. Carmine Vairo,Emily Yee,程麥麗珍,鄺瑞儀。

Papal Intention for November: That the bishop, priest and all the ministers of the Gospel may bear the courageous witness of fidelity to the crucified and risen Lord.


St. Bridget’s Chinese Catholic Church Bulletin
The Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
1. We sincerely thank Father Michael Joseph Wu and Father William Keane for celebrating Mass for us today. We pray the Lord will bless them abundantly.
2. The Parish Pastoral Council will meet today at 1:30. Members please be punctual.
3. The Cub Scouts are recruiting new members for this year. All boys 7 to 10 years old are welcome. Activities include knowledge on safety, training discipline, visits, travels, and camping. They are both varied and fulfilling, and can strengthen intergenerational relationships. Those interested can contact leaders Kevin Kwan or Augustine Yao. They will have exhibits outside the church today and next Sunday. Inquiries are most welcome.
4. TFC wishes to thank all the parishioners for supporting their annual canned goods and turkey drive in support of the foot barn of St. Mary’s parish. Collection of canned goods will continue until November 18, and turkeys will only be collected on that day. Monetary donations are also welcome.
5. This year’s Advent Retreat will be held on Saturday, December 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fr. Jay Wu will give the Chinese retreat, and Fr. Joseph Kim, who directed the CACCLC this year, will come from San Jose specifically to give the English retreat. The cost of $12 includes lunch. It will be discounted to $10 if you register and pay before November 19. Parishioners can register after both Masses. For details please inquire with Eric Li, Daniel Choy, and Nathan Lau.
6. Can decide what to buy for Christmas gifts? The CD “Special Musical Collection of Faith” produced by Fr. Giampietro Gianni (恩保德神父) and featuring Frances Yip (葉麗儀) has arrived in North America. You can enjoy it yourself, evangelize, and perform charity all at the same time. If you have already ordered, or wish to purchase it, please contact Connie after Mass. Supply is limited, so hurry.
7. Elections for the at-large members of the Parish Pastoral Council for 2013 to 2014 will be held at the end of November. They will serve for a term of two years. Their duties include offering their opinions during meetings, and helping the pastor in his pastoral work, church development, and regular church affairs. Parishioners are requested to submit nominations. Nominating forms can be obtained from Joseph Ng, Warren Lee, or Hospitality Group members (Mass ushers).
8. The office will be closed tomorrow Monday, November 12 is Veteran’s Day, a public holiday. Please contact Michael Lau directly for any urgent needs.
9. There will be line dance today from 12:30 to 2:30 in St. Joseph House.

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