天主堂消息 2/3/2013

2/3/2013 常年期第四主日
1. 本堂慈幼協進會感謝所有在上主日參與為慈幼會青年中心Salesian Boys & Girls Club的籌款活動的教友。因為你們慷慨的捐助,扣除費用後午餐的淨收入是$940.00。捐款$3,351.00,再加上會長彌撒獻金$200。因此,募捐的總額是$4,491.00。我們特別感謝Michael Lau和多名義工為我們準備的午餐。
2. 我們感謝所有今天宣誓就職的牧民議會成員,我們為他們對堂區的貢獻和服務祈禱,願上主祝福及保佑他們。
3. 本堂將在下主日隆重慶祝新春彌撒聖祭,並邀請羅省助理主教Auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark蒞臨主持彌撒,敬天祭祖典禮及祝福結婚週年紀念的夫婦,是日聯合中英文彌撒於上午10時正開始,請已登記慶祝結婚週年的夫婦於今天彌撒後與Michael Lau聯絡。
4. 聖家會於今天下午在聖若瑟樓團年, 午餐於12:30開始。 午餐後有會務報告, 神修, 及娛興節目。 請各會員準時出席。

5. 耆英組二月例會將在(2月16日,第三週星期六上午10時將在聖堂內舉行,請各會員準時出席。
6. 免費報稅服務(Vita Program) 將於2月2日在本堂開始至4月13日。請各教友通知有需要的人仕。凡有興趣參加報稅服務義工者,請與Raymond Wong聯絡。
7. 本堂將在中國農曆新年2/16-17有一個攤位於HILL ST. 及ORD ST. 的停車場。這是一個很好福傳的機會來推動我們教會的工作和吸引更多的人來認識天主教。我們需要多名義工的幫助,如你想參與,請與Dr. Won Ng, Joe Ng或Warren Lee報名。我們鼓勵所有的教友和他們的朋友前來參觀我們攤位遊戲和領取大量的獎品。
8. 2月9日(星期六)除夕,早上9時30分在本堂有謝主彌撒,感謝天主過去一年賜與我們的恩寵。
9. 『共襄福傳』籌募行動為我們教區內三十五個堂區及五十二間學校提供了急需的財政援助。這些堂區為數以萬計的兄弟姊妹提供教育及宗教服務,使天主教會堅定不移地陪伴着弱勢社群。本年度,羅省華人天主堂的籌募目標為$7,901.50。我們將於每主日收集第二次奉獻直至達到目標為止。『共襄福傳』籌募行動的主題是「愛永存不朽」【格前 13:8】;這個愛心行動將能使得到我們支援的弟兄姊妹們感受到我們的關愛。謝謝各位的慷慨。
10. 我們非常感謝Joe Ng, Ken Dong, Danita Ng, Ching Ching Cheung, Michael Lau 和聖心修女為我們的堅振班安排了一個美好的退省。我們也感謝所有教友的祈禱。

本周內彌撒意向:程麥麗珍求平安健康,Francis Yau謝主求恩。

煉靈(亡者)彌撒:Fr. Juan Tubola, OFS, 游呂佩瓊,蔡瑩及蔡德強追思母親蔡冰輝,蔡祥裕及蔡三妹追思女兒蔡冰輝,John David Rodrique,諸眾煉靈。
請為以下病人祈禱: Sophia Yu, Winnie Wong,Fr. Carmine Vairo,Emily Yee,程麥麗珍,鄺瑞儀,Winnie Ng。
中文彌撒接待員: Jacqueline Tong, Maureen & Bosco Tang

St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church Bulletin
2/3/2013 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time
1. The Salesian cooperators of St. Bridget wish to thank all parishioners who participated in the fund-raising event for the Salesian Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles. The outcome is as follows: donations amount is $3,351.00 and net lunch income after the expenses is $940.00. In addition, Fr. Tim Phoch also donated his Mass stipend of $200. Thus, the total amount of money raised is $$4,491.00.
We also thank Michael Lau and all the volunteers for the preparation of the lunch.
2. We thank all the members of the Parish Pastoral Council whom were sworn in today during mass, for their dedication and service to the parish. God bless them all.
3. Next Sunday, February 10th, Auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark will come to St. Bridget to celebrate Chinese New Year Mass, preside over the Ancestral Veneration and give blessings to couple’s wedding anniversary. Couples registered for this event, please meet with Michael Lau after mass.
4. Holy Family will hold their New Year Luncheon today12:30PM at St. Joseph House. After lunch, there will be a brief report, spiritual sharing and entertainment. Members are reminded to be on time.
5. Ever Young Group Monthly Meeting has been changed to Feb 16(The third week of Saturday) 10am inside the Church.
6. Once again, St. Bridget will offer the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)starting from February 2nd to April 13th. Please tell your friends that may benefit from this service. We are also seeking volunteers to staff this program. If you are interested, please contact Raymond Wong for details.
7. St Bridget will sponsor a booth in the Chinese New Year Street Fair on 2/16-17. The location is the parking lot between Hill and Ord Street. This will be a good way to promote our church and evangelize the Chinese neighborhood. We need volunteers to help staff the booth. If you are able to volunteer, please sign up with Dr. Won Ng, Joe Ng or Warren Lee. We encourage all parishioners and their friends to come and visit our booth. There are games and lots of prizes.
8. On February 9th, (Saturday) Luna New Year Eve, there will be a Thanksgiving Mass here at church 9:30AM, to give thanks to God for all the blessings we received in the past year.
9. Together In Mission provides substantial financial support to 35 parishes and 52 schools in our Archdiocese. These parishes and schools provide education, ministry and a Catholic presence for tens of thousands of our sisters and brothers. The goal for St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church this year is $7,901.50. We will carry out second collections every Sunday until we achieve this goal. The theme of the campaign is “Love never fails.” 1Cor 13:8 Together in Mission provides an opportunity to show our concern for those served by the parishes and schools that need your financial support. Thank you for your generosity.
10. We greatly appreciate Joe Ng, Ken Dong, Danita Ng, Ching Ching Cheung, Michael Lau and the Sacred Heart Sisters for providing a wonderful retreat for our Confirmation Class. We also thank all the parishioners for the prayers.

English Mass Greeters: Peter Chung & Ken Dong

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