Outreach Ministry

Outreaching work has long been in existence in our Parish.  Various sodalities organize or participate in voluntary service all the time.  Our parish priest has long appointed Outreaching Coordinators to oversee the matter and they have done a wonderful job.

In 2008, our Church sponsor Tax Assistance (VITA) service.  The Basic English Course (BEC) came next in 2009.  Fr. Lam then suggested an enhanced outreaching program.  He opined that the Parish should organize or sponsor activities for Catholics and non-Catholics for the purpose of evangelization.

Up till now, we have organized the Basic English Course ( https://sites.google.com/site/ewcsbec/ ), other than VITA which is the forerunner of the current Outreaching Program, and a Tai Chi Chuan class in the morning.  We have co-organized with Partners in Care Foundation a Health Fair in June 2009 and a Cantonese Opera Lyrics Presentation with Hong Kong Bonfire in September 2009.  About 150 people visited the Health Fair and over 300 series of Healthy Living Talks.

In all the outstanding activities our Parishioners are keen to attend.  They bring in their non-Catholic friends to join.  Our neighbors are happy to have the chance of coming to our Church for the activities.  For the same reason we have built closer relationship with the Chinatown of LA.  Even Catholics from other parishes are interested to participate in our activities.