News 5-31-2015

1. Advertising in the Celebration Dinner program book not only can financially support the church but also helps you to reach out to the parishioners from the Great LA to Orange County areas and beyond. Please contact Virginia Wong for details.
2. Passing the Flame” will show a DVD video about our Pope Francis on Sunday, 6/7 at Don Bosco Youth Center. Cantonese version at 11:00 a.m., English version at 1:00 p.m. All are welcome.
3. There will be a Virtus Training at St Joseph House today 1-4pm. Those who have signed up please be on time.
4. Fr. Andrew Ng will be on vacation from June 4-9 and then he will join the Saleaian Bicentennial Pilgrimage and Retreat from June 11 to 22. We wish him a happy journey and may Don Bosco bless him and all Salsian Family on this Bicentennial Pilgrimage.
5. Holy Family Society will continue to sign up people for the June 27th One-Day bus trip to Santa Barbara Mission and Santa Barbara Museum of Art. The cost is $35 which includes gratuities to the driver and admissions to the two venues. Lunch IS NOT included, please prepare your own lunch.
6. The new Chinese Adult RCIA class will start on 6/14. Please invite your family and friends to learn about the Catholic faith. Please register with Ken Man, Eric Li or Savio Chan.
7. There will be NO line dance today.
8. Parish Graduation Mass will take place on June 14 to honor Parish High School/College/Post/Technical School Graduates. We invite ALL graduates, families and friends to be a part of this celebration. Please contact Vincent Yip or Richard Cheung.
9. Registration for the High School Firemark camp, to be held on June 20th and 21st is still open. Please see Richard Cheung or Ken Dong for more information. Thank You.
10. Scholarships are offered to high school/college students who attend St. Bridget regularly. Please pick up the application form from Fr. Lam’s office or Michael Wong. Deadline is June 1.

1. 在籌款晚會場刊惠登廣告,不但可以支持教會,更可將你的商業訊息推廣至遍佈羅省橙縣甚至更遠的教友,達至雙嬴。詳情請聯絡Virginia Wong。
2. 薪火相傳小組於6月7日星期日在聖鮑思高樓播放”平民教宗”方濟各訪問紀錄片,歡迎新舊教友觀賞。上午11時廣東話,下午1時英語。
3. Virtus training將於今日下午1-4pm在聖若瑟樓舉行, 請已報名的朋友準時出席.
4. 吳炳誼神父將由6月4至9日休假,他將於6月11至22日參加慈幼會慶祝聖鮑思高誕辰二百週年朝退省聖團,祝他旅途愉快,並願聖鮑思高祝福他及所有朝聖者。
5. 聖家組将於6/27星期六組織ー巴士團去Santa Barbara Mission and Museum,費用毎人$35,包小費和參觀(不包午餐,請自備)。
6. 新一年中文成人慕道班將於6月14日開班。誠邀各位教友邀請你們的家人和親友到來認識天主教信仰。有意參加者請向Ken Man, Eric Li 或 Savio Chan報名。
7. 健康舞今天暫停一次。
8. 堂區將於6月14日(星期日)為今年高中,大學或以上學歷的畢業生舉行畢業感恩祭。誠邀本堂畢業生與親友一同慶祝他們辛勤的成果,並向天父獻上感恩的心。畢業生請與 Joseph Koay 或 Richard Cheung 聯絡查詢及報名。
9. Firemark高中青年夏令營舉辦日期為6/20-21兩天一夜, 主題是”你我祂”, 費用$120, 對象是高中生, 神師是黎修女和邱淑芬修女, 提供經濟幫助, 請聯絡Richard Chueng 或Ken Dong.
10. 本堂現在開始接受每年一次的獎學金申請。如果您的孩子就讀於高中(9至12年級)或者4年大學可以參加。請從神父辦公室或Michael Wong處領取申請表。我們不僅要注重學校GPA, 也重视你在本堂的社區服務和私人推薦信。申請表須在6/1前呈上。

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