News 8-16-2015

1. CCALA will host St. Bridget’s 76th Anniversary Celebration Dinner at Empress Harbor Restaurant on Saturday, October 17. Dinner tickets will be on sale from 9/6 – 9/27 after both masses. Tickets are $100 (gold), $75 (regular), $65 (senior), $50 (teen) and $35 (child). Purchase tickets early for a chance to select your own seats. For more information, please contact Selina Ko, Maggie Tsui or Amy Wong.
2. Last year’s Taste of St. Bridget was very well received; by popular demand, CCALA is hosting its 2nd Taste of St. Bridget on September 20. In order to expand the menu and allow more parishioners to participate in this event, we are soliciting sponsors. The sponsorship can be by sodality, family, group, or individual. If you are “culinary-challenged” but eager to participate in the event, you can sponsor us financially, we will recruit a chef to concoct a dish for you. Those interested please contact Maggie Tsui after Mass.
3. The Scholarship award will be given to: Henry Cheung;Joon Mann Chan, Anthony Vong, Cecilia Vong, Bryan Kuan, Derek Cheng, Kathryn Yip, 吳定賢; 吳定哲; 黄嘉儀, William Vong, Caitlin Sun.
4. St Thomas Church in Monterey Park will be holding a spiritual seminar on Loving One Another on 9/5-6 and a Healing of Whole Person seminar on 9/7. Please check out the bulletin board near church entrance for details.
5. There will be a Virtus Training on 8/30 1-4pm. This is mandatory for those working with minors at church. Welcome first timers or those with expired status for renewal. Contact Denise Woo or Wanching Law after Mass.
6. Our new Sunday CCD program is currently accepting registration and recruiting talents. Contact Wan Ching Law for details.
7. Today Line Dance practice from 12:30pm to 2:30pm at SJH #1.
8. All young adults (18+) are invited to California Chinese Catholic Living Camp, held 9/4-7 near Fresno. Contact Anthony Vong
9. The Archdiocese’ fingerprint will be here at St. Bridget on 8/29(Sat.) from 10:00am-5:20pm. Please call 323-222-5518 for appointment.

1. 第76屆籌款晚會將在10/17(六)假座翠亨邨舉行,餐卷在9/6-9/27中英彌撒後發售,售價$100(金枱),$75(成人),$65(長者),$50(少青)和$35(兒童).及早買票有更大機會選擇座位.詳情請洽Selina Ko, Maggie Tsui或Amy Wong.
2. 去年的“華堂美食節”(Taste of St. Bridget) 受到大家歡迎, 協會今年捲土重來,於9月20日主辦第二屆華堂美食節.為了增加款式和令更多教友有機會參與,我們現在招收贊助攤位; 你們可以用善會,家族, 私人組合,或個人名義來贊助.如果你不善廚務但很渴望參加,你可以在經費上贊助,有云“有錢使得鬼推磨”,我們一定能為你物識到一個廚神,泡製到一款令你驕傲的精品.有意者請彌撒後聯絡Maggie Tsui.
3. 今天將有獎學金頒發,有Henry Cheung;Joon Mann Chan, Anthony Vong, Cecilia Vong, Bryan Kuan, Derek Cheng, Kathryn Yip, 吳定賢; 吳定哲; 黄嘉儀, William Vong, Caitlin Sun.
4. 蒙市聖湯瑪斯堂在九月五日至九月六日有個洛杉磯聖神講習會 及九月七日有身心靈醫治研習會, 詳情請參閱門口佈告板。
5. Virtus training將於8/30日1-4pm舉行,從事兒童工作的義工或職員必須參加,歡迎新參加或續期者.彌撒後聯絡Denise Woo或青青.
6. 2015-16主日學現正接受報名。亦需要有才華義工幫忙。請聯絡青青。
7. 今天健康舞在12:30-2:30聖若瑟樓大廳舉行。
8. 加州天主教華人生活營將於9/4至9/7長週末在Fresno附近舉行。歡迎所有十八歲或以上的青年參加。請直接與Anthony Vong (電郵聯絡。詳情請瀏覽網址
9. 教區定於星期六8月29日上午10:00時至下午5:20時在本堂聖若瑟樓第1室替有需要的教友打手指紋,預約電話323-222-5518。

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