News 9-13-2015

1. Due to safeguard the children policy, we have removed all church photo from public Web site . Please contact Virginia Wong or Richard Cheung for the special church photo web address for church parishioners.
2. The long-awaited “Taste of St. Bridget” will be here on 9/20. Based on last year’s experience, we have improved our logistics, expanded the menu, and increase the quantity of popular items. Not only should you participate but please invite your friends and relatives as well.
3. On Sept 27, after English Mass at 12:30pm, there will be a Resume Writing Workshop for college students or high school students. Anyone who is interested, please sign up with Richard Cheung.
4. Annual parish group photo will be taken on Sept 20 (Taste of St Bridget day) at 10:40am between two masses. The photo will be posted in the fundraising dinner program book. We are also looking for the printing sponsorship. Please contact Selina or Virginia. Thank you.
5. We have a St Bridget church facebook closed group, if any parishioners has Facebook account and has not joined the group for church news and photo, please contact Richard Cheung or Virginia.
6. CCALA will host St. Bridget’s 76th Anniversary Celebration Dinner at Empress Harbor Restaurant on Saturday, October 17. Dinner tickets will be on sale from 9/6 – 9/27 after both masses. Tickets are $100 (gold), $75 (regular), $65 (senior), $50 (teen) and $35 (child). Purchase tickets early for a chance to select your own seats. For more information, please contact Selina Ko, Maggie Tsui or Amy Wong.
7. Our new Sunday CCD program is currently accepting registration and recruiting talents. Contact Wan Ching Law for details.
8. Line Dance practice from 12:30 to 2:30pm at SJH#1. Thanks.

1. 為了保護兒童私隱,我們已將聖堂網頁內的照片刪除,並轉移至另一網頁,只供本堂教友溜覽,欲索取新網頁地址請聯絡Richard Cheung或Virginia Wong。
2. 久候了364日的 “華堂美食節” (Taste of St. Bridget),將於9/20 舉行.有了去年的經驗,今年的運籌會更完善,菜式更多,價廉物更美.希望各位教友踴躍參加之外,還邀請親友及搬遠了的教友來參加。
3. 9月27日英文彌撒後有撰寫履歷書工作坊,特為大學和高中生而設.有興趣的朋友請聯絡Richard Cheung.
4. 年度堂區拍照日將定在9月20日(華堂美食節當天)兩彌撒之間約10:40進行.這張堂區全家福會被刊登於籌款晚會場刊內,現亦徵求贊助刊登費用,請聯絡Selina或Virginia,多謝。
5. 本堂有一個臉書私人組群戶口,用來刊登本堂資訊和照片,如你有個人臉書戶口並想加入這組群,請聯絡Richard Cheung或Virginia。
6. 第76屆籌款晚會將在10/17(六)假座翠亨邨舉行,餐卷在9/6-9/27中英彌撒後發售,售價$100(金枱),$75(成人),$65(長者),$50(少青)和$35(兒童).及早買票有更大機會選擇座位.詳情請洽Selina Ko, Maggie Tsui或Amy Wong。
7. 2015-16主日學現正接受報名。亦需要有才華義工幫忙。聯絡青青。
8. 健康舞蹈班由十二時半至二時半在聖若瑟樓大廳舉行。

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