News 7-31-2016

1. Today Joseph & Maggie Koay’s baby Isaac Koay will receive the sacrament of baptism in Chinese Mass. Please pray that he will be a faithful church member like his parents.
2. 8/4 is St. John Vianney’s feast day. He is the patron saint for parish priests. We pray for the priests through his intercession.
3. 8/5 is Dedication of St Mary Major Basilica and also first Friday. Adoration at 6:30, Mass at 7:30pm. All are welcome.
4. 8/6 is transfiguration of the Lord, there will be Mass at 9:30am, are all welcome.
5. NACCA will be hosting a convention on 10/7-9 at Vallombrosa Center in San Francisco. The theme is “Mercy and Evangelization”. Keynote speaker is Archbishop Hon. Please contact church secretary Rosa Bio if you are interested in participating. Note that after 8/30 the cost will go up by $20.
6. The fundraising committee is currently collecting gift cards for raffle prizes. Please drop off your gift cards or monetary donation at the CCALA booth after both masses. Thank you for your generosity.
7. The Program Book Ad Sales Team need your help. Please pick up an advertisement flyer at the CCALA booth today. Ask your friends, families or business associates to sponsor an ad. For more information, please contact Virginia Wong, Felix Wong or Selina Ko.
8. Today is Family Fun Day with BBQ and games. All are welcome. Come join in after two Masses. It’s free but we accept donations.
9. The Taste of St. Bridget event was a success in the previous years; by popular demand, CCALA is hosting the 3rd Taste of St. Bridget on August 21. In order to expand the menu and allow more parishioners to participate in this event, we are soliciting sponsors. The sponsorship can be by sodality, family, group, or individual. If you are “culinary-challenged” but eager to participate in the event, you can sponsor us financially, we will recruit a chef to create a dish for you. Those interested please contact Agnes Yeung (626-200-7722) or Maggie Tsui (805-241- 5905).
10. The annual group picture for the parish will be taken on 8/21/16, the same day of Taste of St. Bridget. Please mark your calendar and also invite past parishioners to attend.
11. All young adults (18+) are invited to CACCLC (California Chinese Catholic Living Camp), an annual camp/retreat for Chinese Catholic young adults all over California! This year’s theme is “Mercy in Motion,” and our spiritual director is Fr. Colin Wen. Camp will be held over Labor Day Weekend, 9/2-5, at the Presentation Center in Los Gatos, CA in NorCal. Register by July 29 for early bird pricing – $160 for students and $210 for working adults. Please contact Anthony Vong ( or visit for more information!
12. There will be NO line dance practice today.

1. 今日Joseph and Maggie Koay 的孩子 Isaac Koay 將於中文彌撒中領受洗禮,請為他祈禱,使他將來效法父母善表,成為教會忠信成員。
2. 8月4日(星期四) 聖若翰維亞納司鐸瞻禮日,他是堂區主任的模範,求他特別降福所有堂區主任。
3. 8月5日(星期五) 聖母大殿奉獻日,亦是首瞻禮六,晚上6時30分有明供聖體,7時30分有特敬聖心彌撒,歡各位教友參加。
4. 8月6日(星期六) 主顯聖容節,早上9時30分在本堂有彌撒,歡迎各位教友參加。
5. 北美天主教華人使徒會會議將於10月7日至9日在三藩市Vallombrosa Center 舉行,由韓大輝總主教 (聖座萬民福音傳播部秘書長) 主講:「慈悲與福傳」,如有興趣參加,請與書記Rosa Bio 聯絡報名。請留意:8月30日之後所有費用增加$20。
6. 籌款晚會委員會誠徵禮卡捐贈,用作抽獎禮物,請在兩台彌撒後投放在聖堂外攤位,亦歡迎捐款,多謝。
7. 籌款晚會場刊小組急需你的幫忙,請邀請你的親友和商戶刊登廣告,互惠共嬴。彌撒後可在我們的攤位索取傳單,或聯絡Virginia, Felix Wong或Selina Ko。
8. 今天兩彌撒後有仲夏歡樂活動,包括燒烤和遊戲。歡迎各位參加,費用全免但接受捐獻。
9. 已舉辦了兩年的“華堂美食節”(Taste of St. Bridget)廣受大家歡迎,協會今年再接再厲,於8月21日主辦第三屆華堂美食節.為了增加款式和令更多教友有機會參與,我們現在招收贊助攤位;你們可以用善會,家族,私人組合,或個人名義來贊助.如果你不善廚務但很渴望參與,你可以在經費上贊助,有云“有錢使得鬼推磨”,我們一定能為你物識到一個廚神,泡製到一款令你驕傲的精品.有意者請彌撒後和Agnes Yeung或Maggie Tsui 聯絡.
10. 堂區一年一度的“合家歡”大合照會在8月21日中文彌撒後拍攝,當日也是華堂美食節(Taste of St. Bridget);希望各位教友除了自己當日出席外,還邀請搬遠了的教友來參與這個盛會.
11. 一年一度的加 州天主教華人生活營 (CACCLC)報名已經開始。今年的生活營將於9/2至9/5的勞工節長週末在Presentation Center, Los Gatos, CA (NorCal) 舉行。今年的主題是「活出慈悲」。主講神師是Fr. Colin Wen。因此,我們誠意邀請所有18歲以上的青年朋友參加,使能一起共度愉快開心的週末。如在7/29前報名有特價優惠: 學生/非就業人士收費為$160,就業人士收費 為$210。若你有興趣參加CACCLC的本堂教友青年,請直接與Anthony Vong (電郵聯絡。詳情請瀏覽網址
12. 健康舞蹈班今天取消。

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