News 8-21-2016

1. 8/28 is Evangelization Sunday, Rev. Anthony J. Gasper sent by the Archdiocese will celebrate both Masses with us. The second collection is for Dindigul diocese in India. Please give generously.
2. Tai Chi class will resume on 9/7(Wed.) Master James will review and teach various styles and movements of Tai Chi Chuan. Everyone is welcome, it’s free.
3. You are invited to attend “Salesian Day of Recollection” on Saturday, September 10, 2016, 9.00 am – 4.00 pm at Don Bosco Tech, 1151 San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead. The presenter is Fr. Joe Boenzi, SDB, Visiting Spiritual Theology Professor from the School of Theology of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. The fee is $20.00 and must be prepaid by 8/ 28. Please contact Won Ng. God bless.
4. First Day of CCD for 2016-2017 school year will be 9/18/16. Children age 3 and up are encouraged to sign up for a year of religious education.  Tuition is $60/year for 1 child, $75 for 2 children from the same family, $85 for 3.  We look forward to sharing our faith with your children.  To register, please see WanChing Law after mass or email
5. Mr. 關頌銘has returned to the Lord. His funeral service will be held at 11am on 8/22(Mon) at the Universal Funeral Chapel.
6. The Orange Diocese will be hosting a talk “Merciful like the Father” to celebrate the Year of Mercy on 9/10-11(Sat & Sun). All are welcome. Please see flyer for details and contact Ching Ching if you are interested to go.
7. NACCA will be hosting a convention on 10/7-9 at Vallombrosa Center in San Francisco. The theme is “Mercy and Evangelization”. Keynote speaker is Archbishop Hon. Please contact church secretary Rosa Bio if you are interested in participating. Note that after 8/30 the cost will go up by $20.
8. The fundraising committee is currently collecting gift cards for raffle prizes.  Please drop off your gift cards or monetary donation at the CCALA booth after both masses.  Thank you for your generosity.
9. This year’s “Taste of St. Bridget” will be held on 8/21. Based on prior experience, this year’s “menu” keeps your favorites and adds more new items. Standing by our motto: “First for Good Food, Second for Joy, Last for Fundraising”, all items will be sold at deep discount. Not only should you participate this event but please invite your friends and relatives as well.
10. The annual group picture for the parish and Taste of St. Bridget will take place today, please join in and have fun. 
11. All young adults (18+) are invited to CACCLC This year’s theme is “Mercy in Motion,” and our spiritual director is Fr. Colin Wen. Camp will be held over Labor Day Weekend, 9/2-5, at the Presentation Center in Los Gatos, CA in NorCal. Please contact Anthony Vong ( or visit for more information!
12. There will be NO line dance practice today.

1. 8月28日(星期日) 是福傳主日,教區委派Rev. Anthony J. Gasper 到本堂中英文彌撒中講道。主日第二次捐獻是為印度Dindigul教區,請慷慨捐助。
2. 太極班將於9月7日(星期三) 復課,James 張師父逢星期三教授練功十八法,太極拳四十二式及重温二十四式,星期五教授六通拳及八段錦,歡迎教內、外朋友參加學習,費用全免。
3. 慈幼省察日將在9月10日(六)9:00-4:00在1151 San Gabriel Blvd,Rosemead的Don Bosco Tech舉行。講者是來自羅馬慈幼宗座大學神學院的靈修神學教授Fr.Joe Boenzi,SDB。費用$20,需在8/28前繳交, 請聯絡主佑。
4. 2016-17年度兒童道理班將在9/18開課,歡迎三歲或以上小朋友參加這為期一年的課程。全年學費每位$60,同家庭兩位$75,三位$85。我們期待與你們分享信仰。請與Ching Ching報名或電郵。
5. 關頌銘先生回歸主懷,殯葬儀式將在8月22日上午11時在世界殯儀館舉行。
6. Orange 教區將於9月10-11日(星期六,日) 舉辦「慈悲禧年」,「如同天父,滿懷慈悲」的講座,歡迎教友參加,詳情請參閱宣傳單張,如有興趣參加,請與Ching Ching 聯絡。
7. 北美天主教華人使徒會會議將於10月7至9日在三藩市Vallombrosa Center 舉行,由韓大輝總主教 (聖座萬民福音傳播部秘書長) 主講:「慈悲與福傳」,如有興趣參加請與書記Rosa Bio 聯絡報名。請留意:8月30日之後所有費用增加$20美元。
8. 籌款晚會委員會誠徵禮卡捐贈,用作抽獎禮物,請在兩台彌撒後投放在聖堂外攤位,亦歡迎捐款,多謝。
9. 今年的“華堂美食節”將於8/21舉行。有了過往的經驗,知道大家的喜愛;今年的“菜單”挑選了你們的至愛外,也加插了多個新品種。在大會堅持 “為食第一,開心第二,籌款第三”的原則下,所有食物都會價廉物更美。希望各位教友踴躍參加之外,還邀請親友及搬遠了的教友來參與。
10. 堂區一年一度的“合家歡”大合照會在今日中文彌撒後拍攝, 今日也是華堂美食節(Taste of St. Bridget)請大家踴躍參與.
11. 一年一度的加 州天主教華人生活營 (CACCLC)報名已經開始。今年的生活營將於9/2至9/5的勞工節長週末在Presentation Center, Los Gatos, CA (NorCal) 舉行。今年的主題是「活出慈悲」。主講神師是Fr. Colin Wen。因此,我們誠意邀請所有18歲以上的青年朋友參加,使能一起共度愉快開心的週末。如在7/29前報名有特價優惠: 學生/非就業人士收費為$160,就業人士收費 為$210。若你有興趣參加CACCLC的本堂教友青年,請直接與Anthony Vong (電郵聯絡。詳情請瀏覽網址
12. 健康舞蹈班今天取消。

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