News 4-9-2017

1. Together In Mission: the goal for St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church this year is $11,900. We will achieve this goal by second collections. As of 4/2/2017, our cumulative collection was $7,728. Thank you for your generosity.
2. 4/10(Mon.) tomorrow evening at 7pm, you are invited to Chrism Mass at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.
3. 4/13 Holy Thursday, 7:30 pm Mass to celebrate the Last Super, the establishment of the Eucharist and the Holy Order.
4. 4/14 Good Friday holy ritual at 7:30 pm to commemorate the suffering and crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Fast and abstinence on that day.
5. 4/15 Paschal vigil at 7:30 pm, celebrate Our Savior Lord risen from the dead. He conquered death and sin to bring lives to all who believe in him. 3 of our sister and brothers will be baptized in Mass. They are Fung Ying Leung, Kin Hui and Tony Tsan. Please keep them in your prayer.
6. 4/16 Easter Sunday. Our Lord is risen. An eggs hunt game will be planned for our children. Invite your friends.
7. Please invite your families and friends to join us at the Walkathon to be held on Sunday, April 23rd at the Cathedral High School Field. All proceeds raised will benefit the future center. Any participants who raise more than $20 will receive a free t-shirt. Awards will be given for the Highest No. of Laps, Highest No. of Sponsors and Highest Amount Raised. For questions or registration, please contact Selina Ko or Maggie Tsui at
8. On April 30, 2017, St Bridget will host an EWTN documentary film making of Fr. Capodanno, member of Maryknolls, ministry in Taiwan during late 1950s with director James Kelty. Parishioners who are interested in acting, please contact Ching Ching or Richard Cheung.
9. There will be a Virtus training on 4/30 Sunday. 1:30 to 4:30 pm, please check with Denise Woo for detail.
10. All church volunteers need to fill out a volunteer application form and sign the guideline. Please contact your group leader or any Safeguard the Children (STC) member. Guideline renewal will take place on 4/23 at the end of both Masses.
11. To enrich our parishioners’ understanding of the Salesian family, Salesian Cooperators will conduct formations on April 29, 2017 and May 6, 2017 from 9 AM to 5 PM, breakfast and lunch provided. The same 8 sessions, each 45 minutes, will be presented on both days. Participants may attend one full day or part of both days. All parishioners are welcome. For further information or registration please contact Warren Lee, Connie Lee, Dr. Won Ng, Fr. Lam or Joseph Ng.
12. Holy Family Society will have the April meeting today (April 9) at 12:30 p.m. in St. Joseph’s House #1. Sister Maria is our guest speaker and she will have a talk on the mystery of the “Holy Trinity” and how it applies to our daily lives. ALL parishioners including non members are welcome. Sweet congee and fruits will be served.

1. 『共襄福傳』:本年度,羅省華人天主堂的籌募目標為$11,900。我們將於每主日收集第二次奉獻直至達標為止。截至 4/2/2017, 我們籌得的款項累計為 $7,728。謝謝各位的慷慨。
2. 誠邀你參加4/10聖周一晚上7時的祝聖聖油彌撒, 地點是天使之后座堂.
3. 4月13日 (聖週四) 晚上7時30分主的晚餐, 紀念主建立聖體及神品聖事.
4. 4月14日(聖週五)晚上7時30分救主受難紀念禮儀, 紀念主耶穌為拯救世人而死於十字架. 今日當守大小齋, 為紀念主的苦難.
5. 4月15日(聖週六)晚上7時30分復活前夕禮儀, 紀念主耶穌光榮復活, 戰勝死亡與罪惡. 彌撒 中有三位慕道者領洗, 他們是: 梁鳳英 Fung Ying Leung; 許堅 Kin Hui; Tony Tsan. 請為他們及所有慕道者祈禱, 使他們成為熱心教友.
6. 4/16復活節彌撒後有小孩子尋蛋遊戲,請邀請你的朋友參與。
7. 請邀請親友參加4/23的堂區步行籌款,地點是教堂旁的田徑場.款項將用作建造社區中心.凡籌得$20可獲T裇一件.並設跑最多圈,最多贊助者和最高款項獎.詳情請洽Selina Ko或Maggie Tsui或電郵
8. 4/30 EWTN台會在本堂拍片,內容有關50年代瑪利諾神父Fr. Capodanno在台灣的工作.有興趣參加拍攝的教友請聯絡Richard或青青.
9. 本堂在4/30 下午1:30-4:30 舉辦Virtus training. 詳情請與Denise Woo 查詢。
10. 所有為堂區工作的義工都需填寫報名表和簽署指引,請聯絡有關善會負責人或保護兒童委員會。指引更新將在4/23彌撒後進行.
11. 為提高教友對慈幼大家庭的了解,協進會成員將於4月29及5月6日早上9時至下午5時舉辦講座。包括早午餐。講座共有8堂,可以參與一天的講座或分別兩天參與。8堂是同一樣的內容。詳情請向Warren, Connie Lee, Dr. Won Ng, 林神父及Joseph Ng 查詢。

12. 聖 家 會 四 月 份 會 議 將 於 今 天 十二 時 半 在 聖 若 瑟 樓 大 廳 擧 行。黎 修 女 是 今 天 的 講 師,她 會 分 析 天 主 三 位 一 體 的 奧 妙 及 這 奧 妙 與 我 們 日 常 生 活 的 聯 系。 歡 迎 各 位 教 友(包 括 非 會 員)參 加,有 紅 豆 粥 及 水 菓 招 待。

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