News 9-10-2017

1. There will be second collection for the victims of Harvey.
2. 9/12(Tue.) is Holy Name of Mary. Please go to Mass to pray for Our Lady’s blessings.
3. 9/14(Thu.) is the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Please go to Mass. Jesus saves the world with His holy cross, may the cross be always revered.
4. 9/15(Fri.) is Our Lady of Sorrows. Please go to Mass to ask our Lady to help us understand the meaning of suffering in our redemption.
5. 9/16(Sat.) the 9:30 Mass will be canceled. We hope more people can go to the Cathedral for the Multicultural Mass at 9:30am.
6. Holy Family Society will have the “Fun Together” Day at Catherine Lee’s house on Saturday, September 23 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Members and invited guests are requested to bring a lunch dish to share. Thanks.
7. Thanks to Anna Wang for her sharing last Sunday. Many parishioners want to know the website, it is if you want to contact Anna Wang directly, her email is
8. For the volunteers whose VIRTUS training certificate will be expired in October 2017. Training date is Sunday 9/17/17 at 1:30. Please contact Denise Woo.
9. Dinner tickets for the St. Bridget’s 78th Celebration Dinner is now on sale after both masses. $100 (gold), $75 (reg), $65 (senior), $50/$35 (teen/child). Venue: NBC Seafood Restaurant. Date: 10/7/17. Last day to purchase dinner tickets is 9/17 subject to availability. Thank you for your support.
10. Please leave your number on the window shield if you park at the basketball court.
11. Line Dance practice today from 12:30pm to 2:30pm in SJH #1.


1. 今日有第二次捐獻, 為德州候斯頓水/風災居民籌款.
2. 9月12日(星期二) 聖母瑪利亞聖名瞻, 請參與彌撒, 求聖母保佑.
3. 9月14日(星期四) 光榮十字聖架, 請參與彌撒, 願耶穌的十字聖架常受人尊崇, 因為衪藉此聖架救贖普世.
4. 9月15日(星期五) 痛苦聖母, 請參與彌撒, 求痛苦聖母使我們明白痛苦的救贖價值.
5. 9月16日(星期六) 本堂取消9時30分彌撒, 希望更多教友能往主教座堂, 參與9時30分的多元文化彌撒聖祭.
6. 聖家會將於星期六,九月二十三日在 Catherine Lee 住處舉行〝歡欣聚一堂〞日。時間是上午十一時至下午五時。請參加朋友及會員備帶午餐與大家分享。謝謝。
7. 多謝上星期日Anna Wang關於自閉症的分享.有興趣的朋友請直接聯絡她: 或
8. 教堂義工們,如果你們的VIRTUS證書將在10月份到期,請參加9月17日1:30PM的VIRTUS班.請聯絡Denise Woo.
9. 周年籌款晚會餐券現已在兩台彌撒後有售.金枱$100,成人$75,長者$65,青/少年$50/$35.地點:蒙市NBC,日期:10/7(六).最後售票日期9/17,視供應情況.
10. 請停泊在籃球場的車輛在擋風玻璃上留下電話.多謝合作.
11. 健康舞蹈班今天在聖若瑟大廳舉行。

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