News 3-31-2019

1. There will be volunteer guideline renewal signing at end of Mass.
2. Fr. John Lam will go to St. Peter and Paul Church, San Francisco to conduct a Lent Retreat and say the Sunday Mass on April 7. He will return to Los Angeles on April 9. If there is any emergency, please call the church secretary May Leung.
3. April 5, is the First Friday in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but Fr. John Lam is still in San Francisco, so there is no Mass and no “Stations of the Cross.” Please go to your near church to attend “Mass” and “Stations of the Cross.” Today Abstinence should be observed.
4. April 6, (Sat.), there will be Lent Retreat conducted by Fr. Dominic So, there will be Mass at 9:30am, and the Retreat will be concluded at 4:30pm. The fee including lunch is $10 per person. Please register with Legion of Mary after mass.
5. April 7 Sunday, Fr. Joseph Young will say both Chinese and English Masses.
6. CCALA development committee is forming a maintenance group to perform maintenance on church and association facilities. If you are interested, please contact Raymond Wong.
7. The newly formed Historical Cultural North Neighborhood Council will be holding an election, this coming Thursday, April 4th from 2 to 8 pm at the Alpine Recreation Center. This election is for the representatives that will be on the council. Eligible voters are people who live, work, or are members of churches and other non-profit organizations in the boundaries. Please see the flyers posted around church for further information. Thank You.
8. Lunch tickets for the Snack Team Building Fundraiser served on April 7th will begin today. Our celebrity chef this month, will be our own Sister Maria. Tickets are $7.00. Thank you for your support.
9. You are invited to join the Third Family English Lenten Retreat on April 13, 2019 (Saturday) from 10 am to 3pm. Lunch will be provided. Please register with Cindy Ng or Rachel Law by 3/31/2019. There will be no charge for the retreat but donations are welcome.
10. There will be a basketball tournament at Cathedral High school today 1-5pm. Please come to watch and show your support.
11. Line Dance practice today from 12:30-2:30pm in Room DB#1.

1. 今天彌撒結束前有義工指引簽署更新.
2. 林神父將於4月4日前往三藩市,在聖伯多祿聖保祿堂主持四旬期退省,並於4月7日主持主日彌撒聖祭, 4月9日返回羅省,如有要事,請與書記May Leung 聯絡.
3. 4月5日是首星期五,特敬聖心日,但因林神父在三藩市,本堂沒有彌撒,亦沒有「苦路善功」,請各位熱心教友到附近教堂參與彌撒及「苦路善功」.當天亦應守小齋.
4. 4月6日(星期六), 四旬期退省日, 講者是救主會蘇崑勇神父主持, 上午9時30分有彌撒聖祭, 4時30分結束. 包括午餐的費用是每人$10。請與聖母軍註冊.
5. 4月7日(星期日),主日中, 英文彌撒將由楊國育神父主持.
6. CCALA協會正在組織維修小組為教堂和協會的樓房建設進行維修. 如有興趣者請聯繫 Raymond Wong.
7. 新成立的歷史文化北鄰里委員會將於4月4日(星期四) 2-8PM在Alpine Recreation Center舉行選舉。這次選舉是要選出理事會的代表。符合條件的選民是在區界內居住,工作或屬教會和其他非營利組織成員的人。請參閱教堂周圍的傳單以獲取更多信息。謝謝。
8. 下星期日將有午餐籌款,為建堂之用, 由Sr. Maria下廚,每張餐券$7. 今天彌撒後售賣.請多多支持!
9. 誠邀閣下參加第三屆英文四旬期退省,日期為4/13(六) 10AM-3PM.提供午餐. 請與Cindy Ng或Rachel Law報名.費用全免但歡迎捐獻.
10. 今天1-5pm 在Cathedral中學舉行籃球比賽。請到場支持。
11. 健康舞蹈練習今天於慈幼青年中心一號室舉行,時間為12:30-2:30PM。

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