News 4-29-2019

1. May 1 (Wednesday), Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, please attend Mass and pray to St. Joseph for all workers.
2. May 3 (Friday), is the Feast of Sts. Philip and James the Apostles, is also the First Friday in honor of Sacred Heart of Jesus. There will be Adoration at 6:30pm and Mass at 7:30pm, you are all welcome.
3. May 4 (Sat.), is the First Saturday in honor of Our Lady Immaculate Heart. Mass at 9:30am in our church. All are welcome.
4. St. Bridget is offering scholarships to parishioner’s children, who attend the church regularly and help serve our church community. Eligible applicants should be enrolled in high school (9th to 12th grade) or be an undergraduate in college. Applications can be picked up from Fr. Lam’s office, from Ken Dong or Vincent Yip. Applicants will be evaluated based on service to St. Bridget, and the community, as well as, their academic achievement. All interested applicants should submit their application with a brief essay and a short video describing their service to St Bridget and to the community, and what it means to them.
5. 5/ 11 ( Sat ) at 9:30am , Legion of Mary celebrates Our Lady of China Feast Day. All are welcome. Please pray for Our Lady’s blessing to the church in China.
6. St. Bridget’s 80th Anniversary Celebration Dinner will be held on Oct 5th 2019 at San Gabriel Hilton Hotel. We sincerely invite you, your family and friends to join us for this joyful evening. Prices are:
$2880 per table (Diamond Table, limited availability)
$168 per person (Gold Table)
$98 per person (Adult) • $78 per person (65+ Senior)
$58 per teen (age 13 to 19) • $48 per child (age 3 to 12)
Ticket sales begins today. For ticket information, please contact Agnes Yeung at 626-200-7722 or
7. Sr. Maria Ko will be visiting LA and will host retreat for Salesian Cooperators on 5/18 (Sat.) and a talk to all parishioners and Chinese Catholic on 5/19 (Sun.) 1pm-5pm titled “The Word and life, living the joy of the gospel”.
8. Capital campaign for the Mary help of Christians center is now underway. Anyone interested to donate please contact Selina Ko.
9. Summer camp meeting today after English Mass at DB3. Coaches and youth volunteers please attend.
10. There will be Virtus recertification today 1:30-3:00. Please sign up with Denise Woo.
11. To celebrate St. Bridget’s 80th anniversary, we will be selling a collection of apparels, including T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and caps. Please pick up a souvenir catalog. For any questions, please contact Agnes Yeung and Pauline Wong.
12. Line Dance practice today from 12:30pm to 2:30pm in SJH #1.

1. 5月1日(星期三), 聖若瑟勞工節日, 請參與彌撒, 求聖若瑟保佑所有勞工人士.
2. 5月3日(星期五), 聖斐理伯及聖雅各伯宗徒瞻禮日, 是首瞻禮六, 特敬耶穌聖心日, 晚上6時30分有明供聖體, 7時30分有彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
3. 5月4日(星期六), 是特敬聖母無玷聖心日, 上午9時30分在本堂有彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
4. 本堂為定期參加教會並為堂區服務的教友子女提供獎學金。符合條件者應該是在高中(9至12年級)或大學就讀。請向林神父, Ken Dong或Vincent Yip索取申請表。評估是根據對申請人對聖堂和社區的服務及其學業成績。申請者需提交一份簡介和短片,介紹他們為聖堂和社區所作的服務,以及服務對他們的意義。
5. 5月11日(星期六)早上9時30分, 聖母軍慶祝中華聖母瞻禮,歡迎所有教友參加,求中華聖母特別降福中國教會。
6. 今年為紀念St. Bridget 建堂八十周年, 慶祝晚會將定於十月五日(星期六) 在聖蓋博希爾頓酒店舉行。我們誠意邀請閣下偕同家人和朋友蒞臨參加。餐券分為
鑽石枱 $2880 (十人枱, 枱數有限)
金枱 每位 $168
普通枱 成人 每位 $98 • 長者 每位 $78
青少年 13-19 歲 $58 • 小童 3-12 歲 $48
餐卷將於今日公開發售。 如有問題, 請向 Agnes Yeung 查訊 626-200-7722 或
7. 高夏芳修女將到訪羅省,5/18(六)為協進會舉辦退省.5/19(日) 1pm-5pm為教友們舉辦講座,題目為「聖言與生活,活出福音的喜樂」
8. 聖母進教之佑中心籌募損獻現正進行。如有興趣損獻,請聯絡Selina Ko.
9. 暑期夏令營今天英文彌撒後開會,地點DB3室,請各導師和義工出席.
10. 今天 1:30-3:00將有Virtus證書更新班, 請與Denise Woo報名.
11. 適逢今年St Bridget 80周年,我們將推出一系列有紀念價值服飾,包括T-shirt,有領 polo shirt,運動型外衣 sweatshirt,手提袋tote bag和cap 帽.有興趣者,請參閲紀念品訂購册,如有問題,請向Agnes Yeung或Pauline Wong詢問 .
12. 健康舞蹈練習今天於聖若瑟大樓舉行。

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