News 6-8-2019

1. Today in mass there is 2nd collection for Retired priests. Please be generous.
2. June 10 (Mon), memorial of Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, please attend Mass and pray for the church.
3. June 11 (Tue), Feast of St. Barnabas Apostle, please attend Mass and ask St. Barnabas bless the church.
4. June 13 (Thur), St. Anthony of Padua, Priest, Doctor, pray for blessing in mass.
5. June 15 (Sat), Mass at 9:30am is cancelled, due to Fr. Lam celebrate Ng Wai Lin’s funeral Mass.
6. Our parishioner Ng Wai Lin returned to our Heavenly Father on June 3. Please pray for the repose of her soul. Funeral arrangement will be: June 14 Friday, Vigil prayer at 7:00pm at Universal Chung Wah at Arcadia. June 15, Saturday at 10:00am, the Mass of Resurrection will be at Holy Cross.
7. Fr. Jay Wu’s mother returned to our Heavenly Father, please pray for the repose of her soul. The funeral arrangement will be June 15 (Sat), Rosary at 9:30am and Mass of Resurrection at 10:00am in St. Thomas Aquinas Church.
8. June 22 (Sat),3:30pm, will have “Multi Cultural Mass” in the Cathedral. Archbishop Jose’ H. Gomez will be the main celebrant, all welcome.
9. Fr. Peter Tsang, the first Cantonese speaking priest at St. Bridget, served this church from 1980 to 1991. He will celebrate his 60 years of priesthood. The thanksgiving Mass will be on 7/7/2019 at 3:30PM, at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Rowland Heights. Optionally, after Mass, celebration dinner is at Seafood Village, Rowland Heights. The dinner is $40 per person. This is a great chance to thank Fr. Peter for his 60 years of faithful devotion to God and service to His people. For detail please contact Richard Cheung, Joseph or Betty Ng.
10. The Parish will be holding its annual picnic on 7/13/19 at the El Monte Whittier Narrows Recreation Park, Picnic Area D #9, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lunch will start at noon. We have reserved a gated private area and as such capacity is limited; therefore, please register early. Fee: Adult: $10; Senior: $7; children 4 to 12: $5; children under 4 is free. Registration with Eva Yuen or Maria Yu starting next Sunday, 6/16.
11. St. Bridget will be hosting the Fingerprinting event on Saturday, July 27, 2019. According to LA Archdiocese, all adult volunteers who interact with children or youth are required to be fingerprinted. Please sign up with Denise Woo, or call the office at 323-222-5518. Space is limited as it is opened to the public, and it is first come first serve. Please sign up ASAP.
12. Holy Family Society activity – Hollywood Bowl – PINK MARTINI BAND concerts on August 24, 2019. Tickets are on sale now. Price is $35/members and $40/ non-members. There is a potluck party before the concert. Please sign up (plus payment) with Eva Yuen or Maria Yu after Mass.
13. The new 2019-2020 RCIA class will start in June 30. We would like to ask you to invite your family’s member, friends or neighbor, who do not know about God or those baptized and want to learn about the Catholic faith again, to join the RCIA class. For more information please contact Fr. Lam, Sister Maria Lai, Ken Man, Savio Chan, Connie Lau David Law, or Eric Li.
14. St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church is now accepting registration of the 2019-2020 Religious Education Program for children age 3 and up. Classes include Good Shepherd Program, Kindergarten, First Communion, elementary school, middle school, and Confirmation Program. Please invite children of your friends and family to come and learn about God! Please contact Ching Ching or Cindy Ng, or call (323) 222-5518 for detail registration information.
15. There will be a Graduation Mass on June 16, at 11:15am. If you would like to be recognized and participate in this Mass, please contact Ching Ching.
16. Firemark Chinese High School Summer Camp Retreat will be held on 7/6 to 7/7. Contact Anthony Vong, Ching Ching for detail.
17. 80th Anniversary Celebration Dinner program book is now accepting ads. Please encourage your friends and businesses (e.g. agents, doctors, restaurants etc) to advertise on our program book. Personal messages are also welcome. Please contact Agnes Yeung, Amy Chau or Rita Chu for details.
18. Capital campaign for the Mary help of Christians center is now underway. Anyone interested to donate please contact Selina Ko.
19. To celebrate St. Bridget’s 80th anniversary, we will be selling a collection of apparels. Please pick up a souvenir catalog. For any questions, please contact Agnes Yeung and Pauline Wong.
20. Line Dance practice today from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Room DB#1.

1. 今日彌撒有第二次捐獻, 為退休神父. 請慷慨捐助.
2. 6月10日(星期一),教會之母紀念日,請參與彌撒,為教會祈禱.
3. 6月11日(星期二),聖巴爾納伯宗徒節日,彌撒中求宗徒降福教會.
4. 6月13日聖安多尼. 尼都亞司鐸及聖師,彌撒中求聖人降福.
5. 6月15日(星期六), 9:30am彌撒取消, 因為林神父要在Holy Cross 為伍慧蓮主持安息彌撒.
6. 本堂教友伍慧蓮於6月3日安息主懷, 請為她靈魂安息祈禱. 葬禮安排如下: 6月14日(星期五) 晚上七時在Arcadia世界中華殯儀館守靈祈禱; 6月15日(星期六), 上午10時在Holy Cross 有逾越聖祭. 歡迎各位教友參加.
7. 伍國超神父的母親伍鄭沛楦安息主懷, 請為她靈魂安息祈禱. 葬禮安排: 6月15日(星期六) 在St. Thomas Aquinas 聖堂, 上午9時30分, 為她靈魂安息念玫瑰經, 10時為她舉行逾越聖祭. 歡迎各位教友參加.
8. 6月22日(星期六), 3:30 pm.主教座堂舉行「多元文化彌撒」, 由總主教 Jose’ H. Gomez 主持, 歡迎各位教友參加.
9. 張錦泉神父是第一位在St.Bridget用廣東話舉行彌撒聖祭的神父. 他服務於本教堂十一年之久 (1980-1991). 今年他慶祝晉鐸六十週年. 定於七月七日, 星期日, 下午 3:30 於Rowland Heights, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton 教堂舉行謝主彌撒. 彌撒後於Rowland Heights潮樓海鮮酒家為他慶祝. 餐券每位$40.教友如欲參加,請跟 Richard Cheung, Joseph 或Betty Ng 聯絡.
10. 本堂於7/13/19 舉辦年度夏日野餐, 由上午10:30 至下午 3:30. 地點和去年相同(El Monte Whittier Narrows Recreation Park, Picnic Area D #9).午餐中午 12:00 正開始.我們預定了公園內的私家場地,因此名額有限.欲免向隅,敬請盡早報名.費用:成人:$10, 長者(65 或以上)$7; 小童(4 至 12):$5; 4 歲以下免費. 報名6/16 開始, 請和Eva Yuen 或 Maria Yu 聯絡.
11. St. Bridget 將於2019年7月27日星期六舉辦指紋鑑定活動。根據教區政策,凡與兒童或青少年有接觸的成年志願者都必須接受指紋鑑定。請在彌撒後與Denise Woo報名,或致電323-222-5518辦公室報名。由於指紋鑑定是向公眾開放並且它是先到先得的,因此名額有限,請從速報名。
12. 聖家會活動-Hollywood Bowl演唱會- PINK MARTINI BAND 於八月二十四日獻唱。門票價會員$35,非會員$40. 當日會以potluck party 形式同樂!歡迎在彌撒後向 Eva Yuen 及 Maria Yu 購票。
13. 新一屆成人慕道課程 (2019-20) 於六月三十日開始。誠邀你的親朋好友和左鄰右里,不論是未認識天主教信仰或是有興趣再慕道者,來參加成人慕道班。詳情請向林神父、黎修女、Ken Man、Savio Chan、Connie Lau、David Law或 Eric Li 聯絡。
14. 羅省華人天主堂兒童道理班現在接受下學年的報名。請邀請你們認識的三歲以上小朋友及青年參加好牧人課程,幼兒班,初領聖體,小學及初中,以及中學堅振班。(詳情請聯絡青青or Cindy Ng,或致電(323) 222-5518 查詢。)
15. 本堂將於6/16日舉行畢業彌撒,祝福今屆畢業生。有興趣者請向青青報名,並提供簡單個人資料,畢業學校及學位或日後工作去向.
16. Firemark中學夏令營將於7/6至7/7舉行。報名請聯繫Anthony Vong or Ching Ching。
17. 80周年慶祝晚會場刊現正接受廣告,請大家鼓勵朋友及認識的商戶如經紀,醫生和餐館等在場刊登廣告.我們也歡迎大家刊登個人訊息.詳情請聯絡Agnes Yeung, Amy Chau 或 Rita Chu.
18. 聖母進教之佑中心籌募損獻現正進行。如有興趣捐獻,請聯絡Selina Ko.
19. 適逢今年St Bridget 80周年,我們將推出一系列有紀念價值服飾.有興趣者, 請參閲紀念品訂購册, 如有問題,請向Agnes Yeung或Pauline Wong詢問
20. 今 天 健 康 舞 蹈 練習於 慈幼青年中心一號室 舉行, 時間為12:30-2:30 pm。

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