News 3-15-2020


1. Today during the Chinese Mass, two catechumens Joseph Sun and David Troung will have the lst Scrutiny. Please pray for them, so they may prepare themselves well for baptism on Easter Vigil.
2. March 20, Friday in Lent, there will be “Way of the Cross” in Chinese, you are all welcome. Abstinence will be observed on that day.
3. March 21, Saturday,our Ever Young Group will offer Mass at 9:30 am in honor of St. Joseph. There will be “Anointing of the Sick” during the Mass, you are all welcome. Two seniors will make their promise to join our Ever Young Group.
4. Our combined annual Fundraising Dinner and Fr. Lam’s 80th Birthday Celebration Dinner will be held on Saturday, August 1, 2020, at 6pm at San Gabriel Hilton. Please help us spread the word. For sodalities and groups reservations, please contact Selina Ko or Ching Ching.
5. Together In Mission: the goal assigned for St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church this year is $11,982. We will achieve this goal by second collections. As of 3/8/20, we collected $8,333 . Thank you for your generosity.
6. Line Dance practice today from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in SJH #l.


1) 今日中文彌撒中,兩位侯候洗者,孫本仁及David Troung 將接受第一次考核禮,請各位教友為他們祈禱,使他們好好準備在復活前夕接受洗禮。
2) 三月二十日四旬期星期五, 晚上七時三十分有中文 “苦路善功”, 歡迎各教友參加。是日當守小齋。
3) 三月二十一日(星期六)早上九時三十分耆英組奉獻特敬聖若瑟彌撒,並有傅油聖事,歡迎各位教友參加。彌撒中有兩位長者許願加入耆英組,請為他們祈禱。
4) 今年堂區週年籌款晚會暨林神父八十大壽慶祝,將於8月1日星期六下午六時假聖蓋博希爾頓酒店舉行,請大家告知大家。善會及團體可優先預訂餐券,請聯絡Selina Ko 或 青青 。
5) 『共襄福傳』:本年度,羅省華人天主堂的指定籌募目標為$11,982。我們將於每主日收集第二次奉獻直至達標為止。截至 3/8/20, 我們籌得的款項累計為 $8,333. 謝謝各位的慷慨。
6) 健 康 舞 蹈 練 習 今 天 於 12:30 p.m. 至2:30 p.m.聖 若 瑟 樓 大 廳 舉 行。

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