News 6-28-2020

1. June 27, Saturday, there will be a Memorial Mass for Maria Oy-Wan Chow Young (楊周愛雲)at 11.00am.
You are welcome to pray for her.
2. July 3, First Friday is dedicated to Sacred Heart, but because of (COVID-19), the Adoration at 6:30pm and Mass in honor of Sacred Heart at 7:30pm will be cancelled.
3. July 4, First Saturday in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, there will be Mass at 9:30 am, please register with Maria Yu 323-222-5518.
4. July 4, Saturday is Independence Day, we wish you Happy Independence Day, and please pray for USA.
5. Because of (COVID-19) situation is not clear, so we change the annual Fundraising Dinner and Fr. Lam’s 80th Birthday Celebration Dinner to October 18 (Sunday) at 6 PM at San Gabriel Hilton Hotel.
6. Due to limited seats at church due to social distancing requirements, parishioners must make seat reservations online before each Sunday Mass. To register for the 11:15am English Mass, please visit: Parishioners must wear face coverings and follow social distancing guidelines while attending Mass. For those of us who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19 (age 65 and over, or with chronic health problems, such as hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, respiratory disease, or with compromised immune system), please continue to stay home to reduce risk of exposure to the virus. Thank you for your cooperation.

Special Announcement
Bishop Curry will come to St. Peter’s Church Hall to celebrate confirmation on Saturday July 18, at 5:00 pm.

We rely on the generosity of our parish community to be able to support our ministries, pay our staff and meet our financial obligations. Since the Sunday Mass has been suspended, we would appreciate anything that you can continue to do for your parish. You may make your donation using the following methods:
Via Postal Service:
Make check payable to: SBCCC
Address: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Via PayPal: Donation can be made through PayPal; the Parish’s account name is: For those not familiar with PayPal, click on the Donate button link on the Church’s website (, donation can be made with credit card. Remember to check the “share your mailing address with St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” box if you desire to receive donation receipt at year end.
Via Bill Pay: Most banks have the “Bill Pay” feature. You may use this feature to make donation to the Parish. Add “St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” as a new payee. Address: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Phone: 323 222 5518. Your bank will send a paper check to the Parish, saving you the trouble of writing and sending a check.

1. 6月27 日(星期六)早上十一時在本堂有彌撒聖祭,追恩已亡教友楊周愛雲。請參與彌撒,為她靈魂安息祈禱。
2. 7月3日(首星期五)是特敬聖心日,但因「新型冠狀病毒」仍未平息,所以晚上6 時30分;明供聖體及7 時30分的特敬聖心彌撒都取消。
3. 7月4日(星期六)特敬聖母無玷聖心日,早上9 時30 分在本堂有彌撒聖祭,請向Maria Yu 報名:323-222-5518。
4. 7月4日(星期六)是美國國慶日,祝各位國慶日快樂。並請為美國祈禱
5. 由於「新型冠狀病毒」疫情仍未平息,所以我們決定將週年籌款晚會暨林神父八十大壽慶祝改期至10月18日(星期日)下午六時假聖蓋博希爾頓酒店舉行。
6. 為保持社交距離,教堂需要限制彌撒出席人數,教友如欲親身參與彌撒,必須於每星期主日前預先在網上登記。登記參加 9:30am 粵語彌撒,請上以下網址: 如教友年齡超過65歲,或有長期病患,例如血壓高、心臟病、糖尿病、呼吸系統疾病、或有免疫系統問題,請繼續留在家中以減低感染新冠狀肺炎的風險。教友參與彌撒必須全程佩戴口罩及遵守社交距離指引,謝謝大家合作。

Bishop Curry將蒞臨聖伯多祿聖堂禮堂舉行堅振聖事。時間是7 月18 日(星期六)晚上五時。

支票抬頭: SBCCC
地址: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
網上電子捐獻 經PayPal:
捐獻經PayPal; 堂區的賬號是: 不熟識 PayPal 的教友, 可在堂區的網站 (按 Donate button 即可。捐獻可用信用卡支付。如要年终的捐獻收據, 請在 “share your mailing address with St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” 的小方格打勾。
經個人銀行支付 (Bill Pay):
大多銀行有網上付賬的功能. 教友可用此功能捐獻。 加 “St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” 入 新賬戶; 填上堂區地址: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. 電話: 323 222 5518 即可。 這個 功能有別於直接過賬, 只是銀行代你郵寄支票到堂區, 省卻你們的麻煩。

1) 6 月29日(星期一)聖伯多祿及保祿(宗徒)
June 29, Monday: Sts. Peter & Paul (Apostles)
2) 6 月30日(星期二)羅馬教會初期殉道烈士
June 30, Tuesday: First Martyrs of church in Rome
3) 7 月1日(星期三)聖余念樸.瑟肋(司鐸)
July 1, Wednesday: St. Junipero Serra (Priest).
4) 7月3日(星期五)聖多默(宗徒)
July 3, Friday: St. Thomas (Apostles)

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