1) October is a month dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary and October 7, we celebrate her Feast Day, so let us have a special devotion to Her and ask her to bless all of us.
2) October 9 (Saturday): Let us celebrate Fr. John Lam’s Golden Jubilee to Priesthood, welcome Fr. Peter Pong joins SBCCC as Associate Pastor, and pray for the successful completion of Mary Help of Christians Center.
3) St. Bridget’s Tai Chi Classes will be starting again on Tuesday, October 12th. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 11:00 am at the Church. Mr. James Chang will return to share his Tai Chi forms exercises and knowledge with us. All are welcome to join.
4) Now the Archdiocese has announced to resume Mass in the church. Fr. Lam will resume our regular First Friday Eucharistic Adoration at 6:30pm and Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotional Mass at 7:30pm. On the 3rd Friday of every month, Fr. Peter Pong will be leading Lectio Divina for us at 8:00pm. All are welcome to join! Next meeting on 10/15/2021.

We rely on the generosity of our parish community to support our ministries, pay our staff and meet our financial obligations. Due to COVID-19, attendance at Mass has been greatly reduced, we would appreciate your continuous support. You may make your donation using the following methods:
Via Postal Service:
Make check payable to: SBCCC
Address:445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Via PayPal:
Donation can be made through PayPal; the Parish’s account name is: donation@stbridgetccc.org. Or click on the Donate button link on the Church’s website (https://home.stbridgetccc.com/), donation
can be made with credit card. Remember to check the “share your mailing address with St.
Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” box if you desire to receive donation receipt at year end.
Via Bill Pay:
Most banks have the “Bill Pay” feature. You may use this feature to make donation to the Parish. Add “St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” as a new payee. Address: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.Phone:323 222 5518.Your bank will send a paper check to the Parish, saving you the trouble of writing and sending a check.


1) 十月是聖母玫瑰月﹐十月七日又是玫瑰聖母瞻禮日﹐在這日讓我們特敬聖母﹐求她降福我們。
2) 十月九日(星期六):我們下午五時共聚唐宮酒樓﹐慶祝林神父晉鐸50周年金禧﹐並歡迎龐秉輝神父加入本堂為助理主任﹐並慶祝進教之佑中心的興建早日完成。
3) 羅省華人天主堂的太極課將於 10 月 12 日星期二重新開始。 課程將於週二和週四上午 9:30 至 11:00 在教堂前的空地舉行。 James Chang 先生將回來與我們分享他的太極拳練習和知識。 歡迎大家加入。
4) 現在教區宣佈恢復正常在教堂內彌撒。林神父將會重開每月第一個星期五晚上六時卅分朝拜聖體, 晚上七時卅分首瞻禮六聖心彌撒。每月第三個星期五晚上八時將由龐神父為教友帶領網上誦讀聖言,請大家踴躍參加。下次聚會時間10/15/2021。

地址:445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
網上電子捐獻 經PayPal:
捐獻經PayPal; 堂區的賬是: donation@stbridgetccc.org..不熟識 PayPal 的教友, 可在堂區的網站 (https://home.stbridgetccc.com/)按 Donate button 即可。捐獻可用信用卡支付。如要年终的捐獻收據, 請在 “share your mailing address with St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church“ 的小方格打勾。
經個人銀行支付 (Bill Pay):
大多銀行有網上付賬的功能. 教友可用此功能捐 獻。 加 “St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” 入 新賬戶; 填上堂區地址:445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.電話:323 222 5518 即可。 這 功能有別於直接過賬, 只是銀行代你郵寄支票到堂區, 省卻你們的麻煩

Saints of this week
1) 10/4 (Mon): St. Francis of Assisi (Religious)
2) 10/5 (Tue): Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (Priest) St. Faustina (Religious)
3) 10/6 (Wed): St. Bruno (Priest) Blessed Marie Rose Durocher (Virgin)
4) 10/7 (Thu): Our Lady of the Rosary
5) 10/9 (Sat): Ss. Denis and Companions St. John Leonardi

1) 10月4日(星期一): 聖方濟、亞西西(會祖)
2) 10月5日(星期二): 真福方濟沙勿略思羅(司鐸)
3) 10月6日(星期三): 聖博諾(司鐸)
4) 10月7日(星期四): 玫瑰聖母
5) 10月9日(星期六): 聖雕尼削(主教)及同伴(殉道)

About St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church

羅省華人天主堂 St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church 510 Cottage Home Street Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA Tel: (323) 222-5518
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