1) Together In Mission: The goal assigned for St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church this year is $14,050.00. As of 3/26/23, we have collected $6,900.00. We need your support in this endeavor. Please put your donation in the collection bag at church or make donation via mail, PayPal, Bill Pay (see instructions in bulletin).
2) We thank our parishioners to join the birthday party of Fr Pong on 4/2, Sunday at Top Island restaurant. The dinner time is 6 pm. Please come on time.
3) April 4 (Tuesday): is Ching Ming Festival, please pray for all our deceased brothers and sisters.
4) April 7 (Friday) is Good Friday, today we have fast and Abstinence.

1) 『共襄福傳』:本年度,羅省華人天主堂的指定籌募目標為$14,050.00。截至 3/26/2023, 我們籌得的款項累計為 $6,900.00。希望各位教友鼎力支持。 請將捐款投入教堂的奉獻袋, 或用支票, PayPal, Bill Pay 等方法 (請參考堂區通訊內的指引) 將捐款寄到本堂。
2) 感謝我們的教友參加 四月二日(星期日)在 上島酒樓舉行的龐神父的生日聚會。 晚宴時間是下午六點。 請準時出席。
3) 四月四日(星期二):是清明節﹐請為已亡親友祈禱。
4) 四月七日(星期五):是救主受難紀念﹐當日當守大小齋。

About St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church

羅省華人天主堂 St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church 510 Cottage Home Street Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA Tel: (323) 222-5518
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