News 堂區通訊 2/13/2011

羅省華人天主堂消息 2/13/2011 常年期第六主日

主題:舊法律 新精神。

  1. 今天和2/20兒童道理班都不能上課,在2/27 才能繼續上課,當天有<背誦經文比賽>,放假期間請在家中幫助小朋友溫習經文。2/20 堅振班有避靜,請為他們祈禱。恭祝兔年健康,主寵滿溢! 祝兔年健康快樂!! 我與老師們非常感謝各位去年的照顧與合作。主內葉修女敬上。
  2. 今天在中文彌撒中有慕道者收錄禮,請為他們祈禱,求主以真理光照他們。
  3. 堂區議會今天下午1:30在聖若瑟樓開會,請各成員出席。
  4. 2/10是鄭海康神父去世四周年紀念,本堂在2/19(下星期六)上午9:30有追思彌撒,請各教友參加。
  5. 今天有健康舞班練習,時間在12:30-2:30在St Joseph House,請準時出席。
  6. 2010年的全年主日奉献收據己預備了,請各教友於彌撒後在教堂外領取。
  7. 2011年的奉獻信封收到了,未頒取者,請於彌撒後向Dr. Won Ng領取,並受理新登記。
  8. 本堂由1/29起至4/16止為本堂教友及鄰近社區低收入人仕免費報2010年的個人入息稅.  只要家庭總收入不超過$40,000, 便可接受此項服務.  請大家通知可享用這項服務的親友.  查眴及預約電話 (323)222-5518。
  9. 因近期治安不好,請各教友到聖堂泊車後小心不要留下任何物件在車內當眼之處,避免引誘不良之人打破車玻璃。
  10. 多謝Richard Cheung 為本堂設計新的堂區網頁,歡迎各位教友參 觀
  11. 11. 本堂定於2月20日早上10時為迎接兔年新春舉行新春彌撤,Edward Clark主教將為主祭亦為慶祝結緍週年的夫婦祝福。請各夫婦慶祝他們的5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50或以上結緍週年的祝福,請與Cecilia Chan在聖堂外報名,費用為$25包括與主教午餐。


中文彌撤 – +Rita Chu & Shepherd Group
英文彌撤- Joe Ng & Peter Chung

本周內彌撒意向:  Frieda Chen求平安,Teresa Wong謝主,李銘謝主,陳宅閤家謝主,Miranda Young 閤家謝主,Joe & Betty Ng 閤家謝主,蔡祥裕 & 蔡三妹閤家謝主。

煉靈(亡者)彌撒:余林蘊純,潘何高倩老太,Diane Talacio,諸眾煉靈。

請為以下亡者祈禱,望主賜予永安及永光照之:潘老太,馮老太,黄真,Joseph Wing Chew Mah,Tammy Wong,余林蘊純,Mrs. Shiu Fa Wong。
請為以下病人祈禱,求主賜他們早日康復:岑謝桂群,Rosa Chan,于李惠芳,Frieda Chen。


Papal Intention for February:  That the family may be respected by all its identity and that its irreplaceable contribution to all of society be recognized.

St. Bridget’s Chinese Catholic Church Bulletin 2/13/2011
The Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

1.    Message from Sister Grace:  due to various Chinese New Year’s activities, (Chinatown parades on 2/6 and 2/13, the bishop’s Mass here on 2/20) CCD classes will be suspended until 2/27.  On that day there will be a prayer recitation competition.  Please help your children review the prayers during the break.  On 2/20 the confirmation class will have a retreat.  Please pray for them.  Wishing you all a healthy year of the Rabbit, filled with God’s grace.  The teachers and I are very thankful for your support and care this past year.
2.    There will be a recording ceremony for RCIA students today in the Chinese Mass.  Pray that the light of the Lord will shine upon them.
3.    The Parish Pastoral Council will meet today at 1:30 in St. Joseph’s House.  All members please attend promptly.
4.    February 10th is the fourth anniversary of the death of Father Joseph Chang.  We will have a memorial Mass for him on Saturday, February 19th at 9:30 a.m.  All parishioners are invited to attend.
5.    There will be line dance today in St. Joseph’s House from 12:30 to 2:30.
6.    2010 donation receipts have been prepared.  Please pick up them after Mass.
7.     Donations envelopes for 2011 are available.  Please pick them up after Mass., or register for new envelopes.
8.    Our church will participate in VITA, which is a free income tax service for neighboring low income families, from January 29th through April 16th.  You can avail yourself of this service if your family income is below $40,000.  Please inform your family and friends.  For information or appointment, please call (323)222-5518.
9.     We have had problems with public safety around the church lately.  When you park, please do not leave anything in the car where it can be seen, and cause the car to be broken into.
10.    Thanks to Richard Cheung for designing the new webpage for our church.  Please visit and bookmark for future reference.
11.    We will welcome the New Lunar Year of the Rabbit on February 20th at 10 a.m.  Bishop Clark will celebrate Mass and bless the couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries.  Couples who wish to celebrate their anniversaries (multiples of 5 or over 50) please contact Cecilia Chan after Mass.  The cost is $25, including lunch with the bishop.

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