News 堂區通訊 4/17/2011

羅省華人天主堂消息                      4/17/2011  聖枝主日


  1. 本主日堂區繼續為教區〝Together in Mission〞收第二次奉献,多謝各教友支持現已收到了$6,376.65,本堂區捐款目標是$7,247.80。
  2. 四旬期內由3月11日至4月22日,逢星期五晚上7時30分在聖堂內有拜苦路,請各位教友參加。
  3. 今天有健康舞班練習,時間是下午12:30 – 2:30. 在 St. Joseph House,請準時出席。
  4. 招待組將於今天英文彌撒後在Conference Room 1開會,請各組員準時出席。
  5. 下週復活節主曰彌撒後將有復活尋蛋遊戲,請家長為兒童準備容器,如有興趣參加繪蛋, 請在下週六4/23早上10時在教堂集合或與Brian Chow或Eric Chan聯絡
  6. 耆英組將在5日14日,星期六舉辦一年一度的朝聖一日遊,當日早上8時開始到下午5時半,旅程將是聖若望神學院 (St. John Seminary),Camarillo Outlet 及San Buenaventura Mission.  歡迎各教友參加,費用為$20一位。
  7. 聖家組將在5月14-15日舉辦兩日旅遊到死亡谷及拉斯維加斯。會員費用是$130,其他參加者費用是$140。名頟有限,有意參加者與Maggie Tsui或Stanley Chu報名。
  8. 林神父將於4月25至29日參加慈幼會美西區大會,如有要事,請與Michael Lau聯絡。
  9. 4月25日是復活節假期,堂區事處將休假一天。
  10. 歡迎各位教友參觀本堂新設計的堂區網頁,


中文彌撤:Victoria Huang, Thomas Woo & Stanley Ng

英文彌撒:Ken Dong & TFC

本周內彌撒意向:龐誕華,龐富華,龐國裕,龐嘉華,Joleen Locanas,陳思揚。

煉靈(亡者)彌撒:陳景浚,Mrs. Frieda Chen陳美玲,龐翊鵬,龐李潔瀅,潘何高倩,諸衆煉靈。

請為以下亡者祈禱,望主賜予永安及永光照之:Maria Natalia Bio-Soto,Mrs. Frieda Chen,徐鳳君,陳景浚,諸衆煉靈。
請為以下病人祈禱,求主賜他們早日康復:岑謝桂群,Rosa Chan,于李惠芳。


Papal Intention for April:  That the church may offer new generations, through the believable proclamation of the Gospel, ever-new reason of life and hope.


St. Bridget’s Chinese Catholic Church Bulletin


Palm Sunday


  1. The second collection for “Together in Mission” will continue.  We have collected $6376.65 (figure corrected from last week) towards the target of $7247.80
  2. There will be a Station of the Cross every Friday at 7:30 p.m. during Lent (from March 11th through April 22nd).  All parishioners are encouraged to attend.
  3. There will be a line dance today at St. Joseph House from 12:30 to 2:30.
  4. The Hospitality Group will have a meeting in Conference Room 1 after the English Mass.  Members please be punctual.
  5. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt next week after Mass.  The parents are requested to bring containers for the children.  Anyone interested in painting the eggs, please come on Saturday 4/23 at 10 a.m., or contact Brian Chow or Eric Chan.
  6.  Father Lam will be attending the Salesians’ United States Western Regional Conference from April 25th through 29th.  Please refer all important business to Michael Lau.
  7. The church office will be closed on April 25th for Easter holiday.
  8. The annual pilgrimage of the Everyoung Society will take place on Saturday May 14th from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  It will include St. John’s Seminary, the Camarillo Outlet and the San Buenaventura Mission.  All parishioners are welcome.  The cost is $20 per person.
  9. The Holy Family Society will sponsor a bus tour to Death Valley and Las Vegas for Saturday May 14th through Sunday May 15th.  The cost is $130 for members and $140 for non-members.  Seating is limited.   Please contact Maggie Tsui or Stanley Chu to register.
  10. All parishioners are welcome to visit our new webpage

Papal Intention for April:  That the church may offer new generations, through the believable proclamation of the Gospel, ever-new reason of life and hope.

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