1-12-2014 News

1. 健康舞班將於今天下午 12 時 30 分至 2 時 30 分在聖若瑟樓練 習。
2. 堂區議會將於今天下午 1 時 30 分至 3 時在聖若瑟樓一號會議室 舉行。
3. 聖家會將於 1 月 19 日下午 12 時 30 分在聖若瑟樓提前舉行農曆 新年團拜及會長補選。屆時將會有傳統的乳猪午餐供應,費用 全免。請所有會員準時出席及向 Victoria Huang 或 Maggie Tsui 登記。
4. 1 月 26 日(星期日)本堂隆重慶祝聖若望鮑思高瞻禮。當天上 午 10 時舉行中、英雙語彌撒,由會院院長 Nick Reina 神父主禮。
5. 2 月 9 日(星期日)本堂隆重慶祝農曆新年。當天上午 10 時舉
行中、英雙語彌撒,由本堂所屬地區 Clark 主教主禮。彌撒中、 我們也同時為在本年裡慶祝結婚 5(木婚)、10(錫婚)、15 (水晶婚)、20(瓷婚)、25(銀婚)、50(金婚) 、60(鑽 石婚)周年的夫婦祈禱。請有關夫婦在今天彌撒後向 Eric Li 報 名。
6. 「免費報稅服務」(VITA)將由 2 月初至 4 月中期間進行。凡 有興趣參與報稅義工服務的兄弟姊妹,請與 Raymond 及 Elfrida Wong 聯絡。
1. There will be line dance practice today from 12:30p.m. to 2:30p.m. at St. Joseph House.
2. There will be PPC meeting today from 1:30p.m. to 3:00p.m. at St. Joseph House, conference room #1.
3. The Holy Family Society will have a meeting on Sunday, January 19 at 12:30p.m. for a Lunar year end celebration with traditional roast piglet and to re-elect a new president. Members are free. Please be punctual. Register with Victoria Huang or Maggie Tsui.
4. Our parish will solemnly celebrate the feast day of St. John Bosco on Sunday, January 26. A bilingual Mass at 10 a.m. will be celebrated by Fr. Nick Reina, director of the Salesian East LA Community.
5. We will celebrate the Lunar New Year on Sunday, February 9. A bilingual Mass at 10 a.m. will be celebrated by Bishop Clark, our regional bishop. During Mass, the following wedding anniversaries will also be commemorated: 5 (Wood), 10 (Tin), 15 (Crystal), 20 (Porcelain), 25 (Silver), 50 (Gold), and 60 (Diamond). If the anniversaries are appropriate for you, please register with Eric Li after Mass today.
6. VITA (the free income tax service) will begin in early February, and will be available until the middle of April. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Raymond and Elfrida Wong.

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