News 1-19-2014


1.     聖家會將於今天(1月19日)下午12時30分在聖若瑟樓提前舉行農曆新年團拜及會長補選。屆時將有傳統的乳猪午餐供應,會員費用全免。請所有會員準時出席及向 Victoria Huang 或 Maggie Tsui 登記。

2.     因聖家會於今天(1月19日)為補選會長開會,健康舞班暫停一次。

3.     1月20日(星期一)馬丁路德‧金生辰紀念日。當天是公眾假期,堂區辦事處休假一天。如有要事,請直接與 林神父(323-382-5922)或  吳神父(808-398-0759)聯絡。

4.     1月24日(星期五)聖方濟各沙雷氏主教兼聖師紀念日。他是慈幼會的主保聖人。求他降福所有會士,使能以溫良慈善教育青少年。

5.     「主日學」將在以下三個星期日停課:
1月26日— 慶祝聖若望鮑思高瞻禮。當天上午10時正舉行中、英雙語彌撒。
2月  2  日— 農曆新年。
2月  9  日— 慶祝農曆新年。當天上午10時正舉行中、英雙語彌撒。

6.     本堂將由2月8日至4月12日逢星期六為教友及鄰近社區人仕免費申報2013年的入息稅。凡家庭總收入不超過52,000美元,便可接受此項服務。請致電 323-222-5518查詢及預約。如有意參加這個可回饋社區的服務,請向 Raymond Wong 查詢詳情。

7.     2月9日(星期日)本堂隆重慶祝農曆新年。
上午10時舉行中、英雙語彌撒,由本堂所屬地區Clark主教主禮。彌撒中、我們也同時為在本年裡慶祝每5或10年及60或以上結婚周年的夫婦祈禱。請有關夫婦在今天彌撒後向 Eric Li 或Victoria Huang報名。

Church Announcements

1.     The Holy Family Society will have a meeting today, January 19 at 12:30p.m. for a Lunar year end celebration with traditional roast piglet and to re-elect a new president.  Members are free.  Please be punctual.  Register with Victoria Huang or Maggie Tsui.

2.     There will be NO line dance practice today, January 19, due to a special election meeting of the Holy Family Society.

3.     Monday, January 20, is the (celebrated) birthday of Martin Luther King, a public holiday.  The parish office will be closed on that day.  For emergencies please contact Fr. John Lam (323-382-5922)  or  Fr. Andrew Ng (808-398-0759) directly.

4.     Friday, January 24, is the Feast day of St. Francis de Sales, bishop and doctor, and patron of the Salesians.  We pray to the saint to bless all the members of the Salesians, so that they can educate the youth through kindness and caring.

5.     CCD classes will be cancelled for the following three Sundays:
January 26, 2014 – St. John Bosco feast day celebration                        
                                             (Bilingual Mass at 10:00a.m.)
February 2, 2014 – Chinese New Year holiday
February 9, 2014 – Chinese New Year celebration
                                               (Bilingual Mass with Bishop Clark at 10:00a.m.)
        Classes will resume on February 16, 2014.

6.     Our parish will offer free tax help to people who make $52,000 or less assistance in preparing their 2013 tax returns every Saturday from February 8 to April 12.  Please call 323-222-5518 to make reservation.  If you are interest to participate in this free tax assistance service, please contact Raymond Wong.

7.     Our parish will celebrate the Lunar New Year on Sunday, February 9. 
A bilingual Mass at 10:00a.m. will be celebrated by Bishop Clark, regional bishop of Our Lady of Angels region.  During Mass, all the wedding anniversaries ending in 5 or 0 will also be commemorated, as well as all wedding anniversaries over 60.  If the anniversaries are appropriate for you, please register with Eric Li or Victoria Huang after Mass today.
Fun fair from 12:00 noon to 2:00p.m.  Program includes Children Chinese Opera singing, Chinese costumes contest, lion dance, lantern riddles, calligraphy, arts and crafts, and CNY snacks tasting.  Please invite your families and friends to come join the festivities.  Lunch can be purchased at $5.00 each.

About St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church

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