News 3-16-2014


1.『共襄福傳』籌募行動為我們教區內37個堂區及56間學校提供了急需的財政援助。這些堂區為數以萬計的兄弟姊妹提供教育及宗教服務,使天主教會堅定不移地陪伴着弱勢社群。我們堂區本年度的籌募目標為$10,758.88。我們將於每主日收集第二次奉獻直至達標為止。『共襄福傳』籌募行動的主題是「愛永存不朽」【格前 13:8】;這個愛心行動將能使得到我們支援的弟兄姊妹們感受到我們的關愛。謝謝各位的慷慨。

 2. 本堂由即日起至4月12日逢星期六為教友及鄰近社區人仕免費申報2013年的入息稅。凡家庭總收入不超過52,000美元,便可接受此項服務。請致電 323-222-5518查詢及預約。

3. 曾專責慈幼協進會的 Jerry Bonjean神父在3月10日(星期一)早上離開人世。讓我們為他的靈魂祈禱。

 4. 請支持每年一度在Rosemead聖若瑟會院舉行的慈幼家庭遊藝日抽獎劵。每張1美元。獎品為現金500美元。請在彌撒後與 Dr. Won Ng聯絡及購買抽獎劵。

 5. 聖家組幹事會新的職員名單如下: 
會長 — Warren Lee;     副會長 — Catherine Lee;     秘書 — Victoria Huang;    財務 — Linna Chu;     活動統籌 — Paul Lee 及  Lucia Tam.

 6. 健康舞班將於今天下午12時30分至2時30分在聖若瑟樓練習。

 7. 3月19日(星期三)聖若瑟,聖母的淨配、亦是聖家之主。求聖人降福教會及家庭。

 8. 3月21日(星期五)四旬期星期五,當守小齋。晚上7時30分拜苦路、紀念基督的苦難。

 9. 3月22日(星期六)上午9時30分彌撒。歡迎各位教友參加。


Church Announcements

 1. “Together In Mission” provides substantial financial support to 37 parishes and 56 schools in our Archdiocese.  These parishes and schools provide education, ministry and a Catholic presence for tens of thousands of our sisters and brothers.  The goal for our parish this year is $10,758.88.  We will carry out second collections every Sunday until we achieve this goal.  The theme of the campaign is “Love never fails.” (1Cor 13:8)  “Together in Mission” provides an opportunity to show our concern for those served by the parishes and schools that need your financial support.  Thank you for your generosity. 

 2. Our parish offers free tax help to people who make $52,000 or less. Assistance in preparing their 2013 tax returns will be available every Saturday from now till April 12.   Please call 323-222-5518 to make reservation.

 3. Father Jerry Bonjean, who was once in charge of the Salesian Cooperators, was recalled by the Lord in the morning of Monday, March 10.  Let us pray for the repose of his soul.

 4. Please participate in the annual St. Joseph’s Salesian Family Fiesta. Raffle tickets are now on sale for $1.00 each.  The winning prize is $500. You can contact Dr. Won Ng after Mass to buy the raffle tickets.

 5. We would like to make known of all the new officers of The Holy Family: President — Warren Lee;  Vice President — Catherine Lee;    Secretary — Victoria Huang;        Treasurer — Linna Chu; and     Activities Coordinators — Paul Lee and Lucia Tam.

 6. There will be line dance practice today from 12:30p.m. to 2:30p.m. at St. Joseph House.

 7. Wednesday, March 19 is the actual day of the Feast of St. Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary, and head of the Holy Family.  Pray that the saint will bestow blessings on the Church and all its families.

 8. Abstinence should be observed on Fridays during Lent.  This Friday, March 21, our church will have a Station of the Cross at 7:30 p.m. in memorial of the Passion of Christ.

 9. Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, March 22 at 9:30 a.m.  All parishioners are welcome to attend.


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