News 11-30-2014

  1. There will be line dance practice today from 12:30p.m. to 2:30p.m. in St. Joseph House.
  2. 2014Christmas Greetings and schedule letters are available to pick up. Please take one home.
  3. There will be 2nd collection next Sunday, December 14 for Retirement Fund for religious. Please be generous.
  4. Our Pope Francis has declared this year is year for consecrated life. Please pray for all religious, priests, brothers and Sisters who have consecrated themselves to God by their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
  5. The 2015Liturgical Calendar is on print and will be available for sale next Sunday December 14
  6. A second donation will be collected on Sunday, December 7, for Christmas decorations and to finance the Christmas party.  Please donate generously.
  7. Details of our annual Advent retreat are as follows:
    Date :  Saturday, December 13, 2014
    Time :  9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Cost :  $10 for adults, $7 for under 18 (including lunch) if register before December Speaker :  Sister Maria Lai (Chinese); Fr. Nick Reina (English)
    Registration :  Starts today. Please contact Vincent Yip
  8. Details for the annual Christmas party, with lunch are as follows:
    Date : Sunday, December 21
    Mass : Bilingual Mass at 10 a.m.
    Program : Exciting performances by the sodalities


1. 健康舞班將於今天下午12時30分至2時30分在聖若瑟樓練習。
2. 2014 聖誕賀詞及時间表將于今日始派發, 請各位教友取閱.
3. 12月14日有第二次捐献, 是為退休神父, 修士, 修女, 請大家慷慨捐献.
4. 教宗欽定今年是修道人員年. 請大家特別為發了神貧, 貞及聽命三聖願的神父, 修士及修女祈禱.
5. 2015年中文月歷正在印刷中,將於下周發售.
6. . 12月7日(星期日)彌撒中將舉行第二次捐獻,為聖誕節裝飾及聖誕聯歡會。請大家慷慨捐助。
7. 本堂將舉辦一年一度的將臨期退省。詳情如下: 日 期 : 12月13日(星期六) 時 間 : 上午9時至下午4時 費 用 : 12月1日前報名 — 成人每位10元(包括午膳)、 18歲以下每位7元(包括午膳) 主 講 : 黎潔雲修女(中文)、Nick Reina 神父(英文) 報 名 : 由即日起,請與 Vincent Yip聯絡
8. 本堂將舉辦一年一度的聖誕聯歡會,包括午膳。詳情如下: 日 期 : 12月21日(星期日)彌撒後舉行 彌 撒 : 上午10時正(中、英雙語) 節 目 : 各項精彩表演 本週彌撒意向

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