News 1-11-2015

  1. There will be line dance practice today from 12:30p.m. to 2:30p.m. in St. Joseph House.
  2. Today January 112015 the PPC will have meeting at 1:30 PM in Conference room in St. Joseph House. In the meeting we will elect the officers for the year term from 2115-16 Please for the outcome of the election
  3. There will be the DVD presentation of the Life of St. John Bosco 5 minutes before the Chinese & English Mass for the month of January. On 1/18/15 after the Chinese and English mass we will present the “Dreams of Don Bosco” You are all welcome. We thank the Salesian Cooperators for organizing these events.
  4. Chinese Catholic Association of Los Angeles (“CCALA”) elected its new executive officers on 1/4/15: President- Maggie Tsui, Vice President-Raymond Wong, Secretary-Lucia Tam, Treasurer – Amy Ho; other directors are: Raphael Ho, Ken Tse, Wilson Ko, Finance Committee Chair Joseph Lee, and the new PPC President. May our heavenly Father grant them the perseverance to continue to serve the St. Bridget community. We also want to thank the departing President Patrick Mak and Treasurer Amy Wong for their hard work and contribution during their terms.
  5. Saturday January 10 at 9:30 am there will be Mass in the church to honor of Mary, you are all welcome.
  1. 健康舞班將於今天下午12時30分至2時30分在聖若瑟樓練習。
  2. 今日1月11日下午1時30分天牧民議會在若瑟樓第二會議廳舉, 請各位會員、準日時出席.
  3. 1月內中英文彌撒前5分鐘,我們將播放聖若鮑思高生平事實。1月18日中英文彌撒後,我們將播放「聖若鮑思高的夢」,歡迎各位教友參加。我們誠心多謝慈幼協進會為我們安排這些節目。
  4. 羅省華人天主教恊會(CCALA) 於一月四日選出下一任幹事: 主席Maggie Tsui, 副主席Raymond Wong, 秘書Lucia Tam, 財長 Amy Ho; 其他理事還有Raphael Ho, Ken Tse, Wilson Ko, 財務組主席Joseph Lee, 和新一任的牧民議會主席. 望上主賜與他們堅毅的服務精神繼續為堂區的發展努力. 在此亦誠心感謝離任的前主席Patrick Mak 和前財長 Amy Wong在他們任期內辛勤地為協會耕耘.
  5. 1月10日星期六上午9時30分在聖堂有特敬聖母彌撒,歡迎各位教友參加。

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