News 10-04-2015

1. Today is the last day selling fundraising dinner tickets. If you have purchased tickets, please arrive at Empress Harbor Restaurant around 5:45 pm. Any questions, please contact Maggie Tsui, Selina Ko or Amy Wong.
2. The Legion of Mary have an annual party today from 11:30am to 1:30 at St. Joseph House. All auxiliary members are welcomed.
3. Due to morning traffic, many Tai Chi class members cannot make it to class on time. Starting October, the Tai Chi class will resume start time at 9:30-11:00am.
4. Our senior parishioner Richard Chan (Cynthia’s husband) passed away on Friday (9/11). The memorial Mass will be held on October 10th, Saturday at 9:30am at St Bridget.
5. Line Dance practice from 1:30pm to 3:00pm in St. Joseph’s House #1.
6. The Finance Council will have a slide presentation of the results for the fiscal year ended 6/30/15 after Mass on 10/4. The budget for the fiscal year ending 6/30/16 will also be presented.

1. 籌款晚會餐卷今天最後發售,已買票的朋友於當晚5:45前往翠亨邨,如有任何問題請聯絡Maggie Tsui, Selina Ko 或Amy Wong。
2. 聖母軍大聚會將於今天上午11時半至下午1時半在聖若瑟樓舉行,歡迎輔助團員參加。
3. 因早上交通繁忙,影响部份學員準時出席,太極班現决定由十月份開始,學習時間改回由九時半至十一時,敬請留意。
4. 本堂教友Richard Chan (Cynthia’s 丈夫) 於9月11日(星期五)中午安息主懷,追思彌撒將會在十月十日星期六上午9:30在本堂舉行。
5. 健康舞蹈班今天一時三十分開始。
6. 財務組於10/4彌撒後公佈7/1/14 – 6/30/15 年度的財政結果,及下個年度的財政預算。請各教友留意。

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