News 10-11-2015

1. Oct 17-18 World Mission Sunday, there will be 2nd collection, please be generous.
2. If you have purchased fundraising dinner tickets, please arrive at Empress Harbor Restaurant around 5:45 pm on 10/17. Any questions, please contact Maggie Tsui, Selina Ko or Amy Wong.
3. Due to morning traffic, many Tai Chi class members cannot make it to class on time. Starting October, the Tai Chi class will resume start time at 9:30-11:00am.
4. Line Dance practice 12:30pm to 2:30pm in St. Joseph’s House #1.

1. 10月17-18日普世傳教節有第二次奉獻,請慷慨捐助傳教工作。
2. 已買籌款晚會餐券的朋友於10/17當晚5:45前往翠亨邨,如有任何問題請聯絡Maggie Tsui, Selina Ko 或Amy Wong。
3. 因早上交通繁忙,影响部份學員不班準時出席,太極班現决定由十月份開始,學習時間改回由九時半至十一時,敬請留意。
4. 健康舞蹈班今天由十二時半至二時半在聖若瑟大廳舉行。


Dear Parishioners,

This is a friendly announcement. Thanks to your support, we were able to expand our concrete area in the Mary Help of Christians House to support our youth program and accommodate additional parking in the event that street parking is not available. Following are a few guidelines regarding the
usage of this concrete area:
1. Praise the Lord, our church is blessed with a lot of children. When parking the vehicle in this concrete area, the utmost importance is the safety of the children. Please pay special attention to the children.
2. Parents, please keep your eyes on your children and our friend’s children to ensure that they are not near any vehicles and being safe.
3. The basketball field is near the concrete area, there are possibilities that the ball may unintentionally hit the parked vehicle. We will install basketball retention net behind the basketball pole to minimize the possibility of vehicles being hit by the ball. But please note that it will happen.
4. Please remove any valuable and lock your vehicle. There is no guard for this concrete area. You are parking at your own risk.
5. The primary purpose of this concrete area is to enhance St. Bridget youth activity. If you park your car in the concrete area during Mass, after Mass please remove the vehicle from this concrete area.
6. Please place your cell phone number on your vehicle’s dashboard, just in case we need to contact you.
We thank you again for your support and understanding. Together we will enhance our spirituality in the celebration of Mass and the children will enjoy their activities at St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church.

May God bless you and your family with abundant grace.

Sincerely yours.
CCALA and PPC Development Joint Committee.


1. 感謝主賜給本堂很多小朋友,請大家泊車在這硬地時留心附近的小朋友,以他們的安全為首要考慮。
2. 請家長們留意自己的和他人的小朋友,確保他們遠離車輛。
3. 藍球架離此硬地很近,停泊的車輛有機會被球打中,我們將會加設圍網在球架柱子後,以減少車輛被打中機會,此工程現階段在計劃中,請大家耐心等候。
4. 停車場內並無保安員,建議大家勿將貴重財物留在車內,任何後果均需自負。
5. 這硬地的原本目的是為加強青少年活動,若你在彌撒時把車輛停放於此,請在彌撒後把車輛移走。
6. 請把你的手機號碼放在車輛顯示板上,以方便緊急聯絡。



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