News 11-29-2015

1. This Sunday bulletin is taking a new format in the new liturgical year and we accept advertisements. Please contact Virginia Wong or Fr. Lam for details.
2. Thank you very much for your participation, delicious food and outstanding performances at the pre-Thanksgiving potluck dinner last Sunday. Special thanks to our Richard Cheung (host), Richard Sun, Caitlin Sun (M.C.), Brian Chow (audio), Vincent Yip, Symon Tsui (lighting), Boy Scout (table setup), kitchen crew leader Chef Vong and Mrs. Catherine Dong, and all the support helpers. Over 200 attended with many new faces. People stayed and enjoyed each others’ company longer than previous years. Thank God for the good weather.
3. St. Bridget Salesian Cooperators are presenting an eight-sessions formation series. The second sharing titled “Who are the Salesian Cooperators?” will be held this coming Friday, 12/4/2015, at 8:15 PM right after the Sacred Heart of Jesus Mass. The objectives of these one-hour sharings are to present the idea and mission of St. John Bosco. All parishioners and friends are welcome. We look forward to seeing you in this formation sharing. For additional information please contact Fr. John Lam, Dr. Won Ng or Joseph Ng.
4. Teens for Christ would like to thank our St. Bridget parishioners for their loving generosity and support of our annual Turkey and Canned Food Drive. We were able to deliver several boxes of canned food, 4 turkeys, and a check for almost $ 1400 to Father Jesse at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Thank You Again and God Bless.
5. Holy Family Society will have this year’s New Year’s Eve Party at Empress Harbor Restaurant, 翠 亨 村· The cost is $50 per person, all parishioners are welcome. Please contact Catherine Lee, Eva Yuen, Paul Lee, Sheila Maillet. Won Ng or Linna Chu after the masses..
6. There will be NO line dance practice today.
7. November is All Souls Month, Fr. Lam will offer Masses during the month of November for your love ones and relatives who had passed. Please fill in the intention form.

1. 主日堂區通訊已換新裝,迎接新的禮儀年;有意刊登廣告者請聯絡Virginia Wong或林神父。
2. 上星期聖堂感恩節聚餐圓滿進行.多謝大家的光臨,當晚有美味的食物和絕佳表演。特別多謝Richard Cheung(統籌), Richard Sun, Caitlin Sun(司儀), Brian Chow (音響), Vincent Yip, Symon Tsui (燈光), 童軍 (餐桌擺設), 廚房組大廚Chef Vong 和Mrs. Catherine Dong,和所有義工.當晚有超過200來賓和不少新面孔,大家逗留時間更勝舊年.亦感謝天主賜我們美好天氣。
3. 本堂慈幼協進會正提供一連八節培育課,第二講主題是”誰是慈幼協進會?”,將在本星期五12/4晚8:15耶穌聖心彌撒後進行,這一小時的分享可讓大家了解聖鮑思高神父的理念和使命.希望大家踴躍參加,詳情請洽林神父, Dr. Won Ng 或 Joseph Ng。
4. 基督少青團多謝大家支持火雞和罐頭食物籌募活動,我們已把多箱食物,四隻火雞和近$1400的捐款送交St Mary’s Catholic Church的Fr. Jesse神父。多謝,願主保佑大家。
5. 聖家會的除夕聯歡晩會将於翠亨村舉行。入塲費為五十元一人。歡迎大家參加,共樂一堂。有興趣者請於彌撒後與Catherine Lee, Eva Yuen, Paul Lee Sheila Maillet, Won Ng 或 Linna Chu 聯絡。
6. 健康舞蹈班今天取消。
7. 十一月是煉靈月, 林神父會為你們先人獻彌撒聖祭, 歡迎各教友追思紀念巳亡家人或親友, 請填寫追思意向表格

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