News 5-8-2016

1. St Bridget is selling rice wraps “zong” for fundraising. Master chef Kathay Dong will be in charge of the wrapping. Fillings include mushroom, dried shrimps, salty egg yolk, pork, Chinese sausage and mung beans. Pre-sale starts today, pick up will be on 6/5. $10 for 3, $18 for 6, $35 for a dozen. Please contact Denise Woo.
2. Thanks for the parishioner’s support, the RCIA class will be completed on 5/8. The RCIA team is in the full swing to prepare the new classes. We would like to ask you to invite your family’s member, friends or neighbor, who do not know about God or those baptized and want to learn about the Catholic faith again, to join the RCIA class. Please contact the Fr. Lam, Sister Maria Lai, Ken Man, Savio Chan, Betty Ng or Eric Li.
3. The Holy Family Society will sponsor a bus trip to see the Vatican Splendors Exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley on Saturday, July 16. Registration will start today outside the church. Please see Catherine Lee, Eva Yuen or Paul Lee for details.
4. St. Bridget Scholarship applications are available from Fr. Lam or Ken Dong. Completed applications need to be returned no later than May 22nd.
5. The 2016 Firemark Summer Camp, for high school students, is planned to be held from the evening of July 8th to the afternoon of July 10th at the Mater Delarosa Retreat House in Sierra Madre. Please save the date and plan to attend. Please see Ken Dong for more info.
6. 5/13(Fri) is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, please go to Mass to honor our Lady.
7. 5/14(Sat.) is the Feast of St. Matthias. There will be a Mass sponsored by Ever Young group to pray for the repose of the souls of Jean Woo and Lawrence Seh. All are welcome.
8. NACCA will be hosting a convention on 10/7-9 at Vallombrosa Center in San Francisco. The theme is “Mercy and Evangelization”. Keynote speaker is Archbishop Hon. Please contact Fr. Lam or Richard Cheung if you are interested in participating.
9. There will be Mass on 5/24(Tuesday) at 7:30pm to celebration Feast of Mary Help of Christians and to pray for China.
10. There will be NO line dance practice today.

1. 本堂正舉行售賣糉子籌款活動,由廚神Kathy Dong親手包作,饀料包括冬菇蝦米咸蛋黃豬肉臘腸綠豆等,今天開始預售, 6/5取貨,售價$10三隻,$18半打,$35一打。請洽Denise Woo。
2. 感謝堂區各位教友的支持,本屆成人慕道課程將於5/8完成。新一屆成人慕道課程現已密鑼緊鼓地籌備當中。現誠邀你身邊的親朋好友和左鄰右里,不論是未認識天主教信仰或是有興趣再慕道者,來參加成人慕道課程。詳情請向林神父、黎修女、Ken Man, Savio Chan、Betty Ng 或 Eric Li 聯絡。
3. 聖家會將於七月十六日星期六組織巴士團參觀梵帝岡辉煌展覧,今天開始登記。詳細情形請與Catherine Lee, Eva Yuen 或 Paul Lee接洽。
4. 凡積極參與堂區和社區服務的教友子女,就讀高中或大學,可申請本堂提供的獎學金.請向神父或Ken Dong索取表格.截止日期5/22.
5. 2016 Firemark夏令營將在7/8晚至7/10下午舉行,地點是的Sierra Madre的 Mater Delarosa退省中心。歡迎參加,詳情請聯絡Ken Dong。
6. 5月13日 (星期五) 是花地瑪聖母顯現紀念日, 請參與彌撒特別恭敬聖母。
7. 5月14日(星期六) 是聖瑪弟亞宗徒瞻禮,是日耆英會獻彌撒為已亡會員胡曾鳳珍及佘碩忠,求主賜她/他永遠的安息,歡迎各位教友參加。
8. 10月7日至9日北美天主教華人使徒會將於三藩市教區的Vallombrosa 靜修院舉行華人牧傳大會,主題是:「慈悲與福傳」, 由韓大輝總主教主講. 如有興趣參加者, 請與林神父或Richard Cheung聯絡.
9. 5月24日(星期二) 晚上7時30分在本堂有彌撒聖祭, 慶祝聖母進教之佑瞻禮, 並為中國祈禱.
10. 健康舞蹈班今天取消。

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