News 1-8-2017

1. There will be a PPC meeting today at 1:30. All members please be punctual.
2. 1/9 (Mon.) is the Baptism of the Lord. Please go to Mass and recall your own conversion through baptism.
3. There will be a 9:30am Mass on 1/14 (Sat.). The Everyoung group will have a meeting at 10 at St. Joseph House after the Mass. All members please be punctual.
4. On February 5th, Bishop Edward Clark will come to St. Bridget to celebrate Chinese New Year Mass at 10am, preside over the Ancestral Veneration and give blessings to couples celebrating their 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50 years and above wedding anniversary.  For Wedding anniversary, please register with Vincent Yip or Stanley Chu.  $25 per couple for certificate and lunch with Bishop. The Mass is followed by New Year Fair (year of rooster), from 12:30-2:00 pm.  Please invite your families and friends to come.  If you would like to volunteer for this New Year Fair event, please contact Agnes Yeung.
5. All church volunteers need to fill out a volunteer application form and sign the guideline. Please contact your group leader or any Safeguard the Children (STC) member.
6. Next Virtus training will be held on 1/22 1:30-4:30. Please sign up or check if certification has expired with Denise Woo.
7. Line Dance practice from 12:30pm to 2:30pm in SJH #1.

1. 今日下午1:30牧民議會開會,請各位會員準時出席。
2. 1月9日(星期一) 主受洗日,請各位參與彌撒,回憶自己藉聖洗聖事歸依基督。
3. 1月14日(星期六) 上午9:30有彌撒聖祭,其後10:00耆英組在若瑟樓開會,請各位耆英準時出席。
4. Bishop Edward Clark 將會在主日2月5日到本堂慶祝新春彌撒, 祭袓典禮及祝福結婚週年紀念, 當日聯合中英文彌撒於上午10時開始, 夫婦慶祝5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 年及以上結婚週年者請與Vincent Yip或Stanley Chu登紀。每對夫婦費用$25包括祝賀證書及與主教午餐。午餐後中午12時30分至下午2時30分我們將慶祝農曆新年(雞年)。請各位教友陪伴親朋好友參加。教友如願意幫助大會做義工,請與Agnes Yeung 聯絡。
5. 所有為堂區工作的義工都需填寫報名表和簽署指引,請聯絡有關善會負責人或保護兒童委員會。
6. Virtus training 將在1/22 1:30-4:30 舉行。請與Denise Woo 報名或查核證書是否已過期。
7. 健康舞蹈班由十二時半至二時半在聖若瑟大廳舉行。

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