News 8-20-2017

1. 8/22 Tuesday, Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Please attend mass and pray for all families.
2. 8/24 Thursday, Feast of Saint Bartholomew, Apostle. Please attend mass and pray for the church thru the intercession of Saint Bartholomew.
3. 8/24 Thursday, welcome Rev. Cardinal Ze-Kiun Zen SDB and Fr. Carlos Cheung SDB, visitation of St. Bridget CCC. Please pray for their safe journey.
4. The annual group picture for the parish will be taken right after Mass, please stay. The 4th Taste of St Bridget will be held after the group picture. Enjoy the good food and fun.
5. The Salesian Cooperators are organizing a reception dinner on behalf of St. Bridget CCC for Cardinal Zen on August 26, Saturday, 6 pm at NBC restaurant in Monterey Park. Please register early with payment for a ticket of $40.00. The registration booth is in front of the church.
6. Legion of Mary will have their annual retreat on Sept 2nd (Saturday), from 9:30am to 4pm, facilitated by Fr. Denis Kong SDB. All Legion of Mary Auxiliary members and parishioners who are interested to know more about the Legion of Mary are welcome. For better planning purpose, please register with the Legion of Mary officers after mass.
7. Is Down Syndrome Mental Illness? Will autism be infected? How much misunderstanding do we have for these special people? “The Passing of Flame” group is pleased to invite Mrs. Anna Wang, one of the founders of “Friends of the Special Chinese Children” in San Francisco, to share her faithful stories on helping herself and many needy families. September 3, 11AM-1PM, at St. Joseph House. Come and invite your families and friends to come.
8. CACCLC (California Chinese Catholic Living Camp) will be having their annual camp/retreat this year! We would like to invite all young adults (18+) to join us to for a fun weekend of meeting new friends, encountering God, and learning more about our faith. This year’s theme is “Many Parts, One Body” and our spiritual director is Fr. John Love. Camp will take place on Labor Day Weekend, 9/1-9/4, at the Santa Teresita Youth Conference Center in Three Rivers, CA near Fresno. The early bird registration is until July 28: $150 for students and $200 for working adults! Please contact Anthony Vong ( / Kathryn Yip ( or visit for more info!
9. FR Dinner program book is now accepting ads. We need your help to promote to your friends and business partners like agents, doctors, restaurants etc. Please also thank those who have already placed ad in the past. Personal messages are also welcome. Please contact Hazel Ng.
10. Please leave your number on the window shield if you park at the basketball court.
11. Line Dance practice from 12:30pm to 2:30pm in SJH #1.


1. 8月22日(星期二) 聖母元后瞻禮, 請參與彌撒, 求聖母降福我們及我們的家庭.
2. 8月24日(星期四) 聖巴爾多祿茂, 請參與彌撒, 求聖人特別降福教會.
3. 8月24日(星期四) 我們誠心歡迎陳日君樞機主教及張心銳神父到訪羅省華人天主堂.
4. 今天彌撒後拍攝一年一度的 “合家歡” 大合照, 請各位留步。大合照後更有華堂美食節(Taste of St. Bridget),請踴躍支持。
5. 為歡迎陳日君樞機主教到訪,慈幼協進會將代表本堂區在蒙市NBC酒家於八月二十六日,星期六晚上六時舉行晚宴。費用每位40元,為方便統籌,請在彌撒後聖堂操塲盡早報名。
6. 聖母軍將於9月2日(星期六), 早上9時半至下午4時,舉行週年退省, 主講神師是江志釗神父 , 題目「聖言與聖母」, 歡迎聖母軍輔助團員及有興趣認識聖母軍的敎友來參加。為方便安排,請在彌撒後向聖母軍職員報名。
7. 唐氏綜合症是精神病嗎?自閉症會傳染嗎?我們對這些特別人士有多少誤解?你願意嘗試了解他們嗎?「新火相傳」小組邀請來自三藩市,「華人特殊兒童之友」創建人之一黃陳慧明女士,分享她「愛」的見証,如何多年來幫助自己及眾多有需要的家庭。九月三日,十一時至一時,聖若瑟樓,歡迎教友及親友參加。
8. 一年一度的加州天主教華人生活營(CACCLC)報名已經開始。今年的生活營將於9/1至9/4的勞工節長週末在Santa Teresita Youth Conference Center, Three Rivers, CA (Fresno) 舉行。 這活動不但能夠使我們認識新朋友,更能與主相遇和加深我們的信仰生活。主題是「萬眾一體」。主講神師是Fr. John Love。 我們誠意邀請所有18歲以上的青年朋友參加,使能一起共度愉快開心的週末。 7/28前報名有特價優惠: 學生/非就業人士收費為$150, 就業人士收費為$200。 請聯絡Anthony Vong ( /Kathryn Yip ( 或瀏覽
9. 周年晚餐場刊現正接受廣告,請大家告知朋友或認識的商戶如經紀,醫生和餐館等.也歡迎刊登個人訊息. 詳情請聯絡Hazel Ng.
10. 請停泊在籃球場的車輛在擋風玻璃上留下電話.多謝合作.
11. 健康舞蹈班由十二時半至二時半在聖若瑟大廳舉行。

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