News 10-29-2017

1. Fr. Lam will be back to LA on 10/30. Today’s Chinese Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Joseph Bai, English Mass by Fr. Jim Nieblas. Thanks to both Fathers!
2. Religious Education Program will celebrate All Saints Day today. Parents and children are encouraged to dress up as their favorite saints for the entrance procession at the English Mass. There will also be trunk & treat before and after English Mass for children to participate.
3. 11/1(Wed.) is All Saints Day, there will be Mass at 7:30pm. We pray the saints bless ourselves and families. All are welcome.
4. 11/2(Thu.) is All Souls Day, there will be 7:30pm Mass. We pray the Lord grant the departed repose of soul. All are welcome.
5. 11/3(Fri.) the first Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart, there will be adoration at 6:30pm and Mass at 7:30pm. You are all welcome.
6. The Legion of Mary will have “All Souls” Mass on Nov 4 (Saturday ) at 9:30am to pray for all departed members and especially for Fr. Cheng. All are welcome.
7. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is looking for volunteers. If interested, please contact Raymond Wong or Richard Cheung.
8. November is the Month of the Holy Souls. Please fill the prayer intention form and drop in the collection box. Fr. Lam will pray for the repose of their souls in all the Masses in November.
9. Holy Family Society will have its bi-annual Election Meeting on November 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the DB #1 room upstairs (to the right) opposite the kitchen. Lunch will be served at 11:00 a.m. Please stay afterwards to participate in the Election.
10. The Legion of Mary will have annual party on Nov 5(Sunday) from 11am to 1:30pm at St. Joseph house. All auxiliary members are welcome.
11. The next VIRTUS training: 11/5 (Sun.) 1:00- 4:00pm. Please pre-register with Denise Woo.
12. Father John Lam and the Bereavement ministry will offer a Remembrance Mass at our church for the deceased family members and friends on Saturday, 11/11/2017 at 9:30 am. Rosary starts at 9:00 am. All are invited to join us to pray and honor your beloved in this Mass. A table will be prepared to display pictures of the diseased.
13. You’re invited to a night of Taize and Adoration, on Saturday 11/11 from 6pm – 7pm, hosted by the St. Bridget English Choir. Come for a contemplative night of music and prayer! Feel free to contact Allyson Dong or Anthony Vong for more info.
14. The Advent retreat will be held on Nov 18, 2017 Saturday. It will be conducted by Fr. Francis Hung, SBD, from Hong Kong, in Cantonese. There will be an English Advent program for children age 3-12 at the same time. The fee including lunch is $10 per person. Children are free. Please register with Vincent Yip and Richard Cheung.
15. Thanksgiving potluck dinner will be held on 11/19 Sunday at 5:00PM. Please invite your family and friend to this fun evening and good food. If you are interested to perform, please contact Richard Cheung and Richard Sun.
16. Line Dance practice today from 12:30pm to 2:30pm in SJH #1.

1. 林神父於明天10/30返回羅省.今日中文彌撒由白神父主持; 英文彌撒由 Fr. Jim Nieblas 主持. 我們誠心多謝兩位神父.
2. 兒童道理班今天慶祝諸聖節,請小朋友盡量裝扮成聖人模樣,在英文彌撒時列隊進堂。英文彌撒前後將有「車尾箱及招待」,歡迎小朋友參加。
3. 11月1日 (星期三) 是諸聖節,晚上7時30分在本堂有彌撒聖祭,求聖人們降福我們及我們的家庭,歡迎各位教友參加.
4. 11月2日 (星期四) 是追思亡者日,晚上7時30分在本堂有彌撒聖祭,祈求天主賞賜我們所有已亡親友永遠安息主懷,歡迎各位教友參加.
5. 11月3日 (星期五) 特敬耶穌聖心日, 晚上6時30分明供聖體, 7時30分有特敬聖心彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
6. 11月4日 (星期六) 上午9時30分,聖母軍獻彌撒為所有已亡聖母軍會員,及特別為已亡神師鄭海康神父祈禱,歡迎各位教友參加.
7. 「低收入人仕免費報稅服務」正在尋找義工,有興趣者請聯繫 Raymond Wong 或 Richard Cheung.
8. 11月是煉靈月, 特別為所有已亡親友祈禱, 請各位教友填寫為已亡親友祈禱意向, 放入奉獻箱內, 林神父將於 11月所有彌撒中為他們安息主懷祈禱.
9. 聖家會將於十一月五日上午十一時至下午一時在青年會議室,即厨房對面二樓右面室,進行選舉二年一度的新職員事宜。備有午餐給會員享用,請餐後留歩參加選舉事宜。
10. 聖母軍大聚會於11月5日 (星期日),上午11時至下午1時半在聖若瑟樓舉行,歡迎輔助團員參加。
11. VIRTUS班將定於11/5(日) 1-4時舉行, 請未完成本課程的義工先與Denise Woo報名.
12. 林神父及善寧組定於十一月(煉靈月) 十一日 (星期六), 早上 9:30 為已亡的親友奉獻煉靈追思彌撒. 9:00 唸玫瑰經,誠心邀請衆教友參加. 當日會有一張枱放置已亡親友的照片.
13. 英文歌詠團將於11/11 6-7PM舉辦泰澤音樂祈禱會,歡迎所有朋友參加. 請聯絡Allyson Dong或Anthony Vong.
14. 11/18(六)是將臨期退省日,中文講者是孔智剛神父. 同時將為3-12歲的兒童安排英文退省。包括午餐的費用是每人10美元。 孩子是免費的。 請向Vincent Yip 或 Richard Cheung 報名。
15. 聖堂感恩節聚餐將在星期日11月19日星期日5:00PM舉行. 歡迎各位帶同親友一起來分享美食和歡樂時光。這是個很好機會邀請教外朋友來臨本堂。有興趣表演娛樂的朋友,請聯絡Richard Cheung 和 Richard Sun。
16. 健康舞蹈班今天在聖若瑟大廳舉行。

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