News 12-10-2017

1. Today we have a second collection for the retire religious: retirement funds for the religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters. In order to provide proper care for them. Thank you for your generous support.
2. Tuesday 12/12 is the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Please attend mass and pray for the blessing for the family.
3. There will be a Mass on Saturday 12/16 at 9:30 am. All are welcomed.
4. St. Bridget calendar of 2018 will be on sale after mass for $5.00 per copy. Please support.
5. There will be combined Mass on 12/17 at 10am, followed by Christmas celebration and lunch. Please come with your friends and family. This is a great opportunity to invite non-parishioners to visit us.
6. CACCLC is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, and we’re trying to get as many young adults to attend as possible! Thank you for your support so far! We’ll be here these two weeks, 12/10 and 12/17 for our Christmas Cards (6 designs – all created in-house) and handmade Angel Christmas Ornaments / Keychains fundraiser. If you have any questions, please contact Anthony or Cecilia Vong.
7. Line Dance practice today from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Room DB#1 (The Upstairs Room-close to the kitchen.)

1. 今日有第二次捐獻, 特別為退休的修會人仕: 神父, 修士及修女們退休基金捐助, 使退休的修會人仕得到適宜的照顧.
2. 12月12日 (星期二) 瓜達盧佩聖母紀念日, 請參與彌撒, 求聖母降福你們及你們的家庭.
3. 12月16日 (星期六) 上午9時30分在本堂有彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
4. 2018 年堂區月曆, 今日(12月10日) 開始售賣, 每本售價 $5.00, 歡迎各位教友購買.
5. 12 月17日上午10時中英文聯合彌撒;彌撒後11:30有聖誕聯歡會和聚餐,歡迎各位帶同親友一起來分享歡樂時光。這是個很好機會邀請教外朋友來臨本堂。
6. 2018年是CACCLC 20周年, 我們希望能吸引更多青年參加.籌款活動將繼續於12/10, 12/17星期天在中英彌撒後義賣6款自家手造聖誕卡和天使掛飾/匙扣.請蒞臨我們的攤位和購買支持,衷心多謝!如有查詢請聯絡Anthony或Cecilia Vong.
7. 健 康 舞 蹈 班 今 天 於 慈幼青年中心一號室 舉 行。

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