News 5-13-2018

1. 5/14 (Mon.) Feast Day of St. Matthias. There will be no Mass here. Please go to your local church and pray for the Apostle’s blessing to the church.
2. 5/18 (Fri.)-5/24 (Thu) Fr. Lam and 5 parishioners will attend NACCAC in Edmonton. Please pray for the success of the convention. For emergency needs please contact May Leung at (323) 222-5518.
3. 5/19 (Sat.) there will be no Mass here. Please go to your local church.
4. 5/20 (Sun.) both Chinese and English Masses will be celebrated by Fr. Anthony Tuan Nguyen.
5. Please pray for the recently departed ones: Janine Tseng; Siu Kuen, Au Yeung Ho; Joseph Conrad Woo; Imelda Ho(Raphael Ho’s mother), May the Lord grant them repose of the souls.
6. On 6/3/18, we will have a combined mass at 10am, then follow with Annual Church group photo and Taste of St Bridget. Please make a note in your calendar.
7. Summer camp: By popular demand, we have added Arts & Craft and Cooking class in addition to the Robotics class. Dates are 6/10-7/29 (8 Sundays) 9:30-11am. See back page flyer for details. Please contact Aileen Louie, Cecilia Leong or Virginia Wong.
8. There will be a mandatory summer camp volunteers meeting today after English Mass.
9. Just a reminder that the St. Bridget Scholarship Applications are due no later than next Sunday, May 20, 2018. The completed applications can be given to Father Lam, Ken Dong, or Vincent Yip. Applicants will be contacted about where the video presentations can be delivered. The St. Bridget scholarships are for children who attend the church regularly and help serve our church community. Thank You.
10. City of Saints 2018 teen conference will take place on August 3 to 5 at UCLA. Welcome all high school students to participate. Please contact Ching Ching Law or Vincent Yip for registration and additional information.
11. Our next Fundraising Event is Voice of Bridget and Taste of St. Bridget which will be held on 6/3. For those who are interested in Voice of St. Bridget, please submit the audition file by 5/13. Final will be held during Fundraising dinner on 10/13. Please contact Agnes Yeung for more information.
12. There will be NO Line Dance practice today.

1. 5月14日(星期一) 聖瑪弟亞 (宗徒) 節日, 本堂沒有彌撒, 請前往你附近聖堂參與彌撒, 求宗徒降福教會.
2. 5月18日(星期五)至24日(星期四) 林神父偕同五位教友前往Edmonton參加北美華人牧傳大會, 請各位教友為大會成功祈禱. 如有要事, 請與May Leung 聯絡 (323)222-5518.
3. 5月19日(星期六)在本堂沒有彌撒, 請前往你附近聖堂參與彌撒聖祭.
4. 5月20日(星期日)主日中英文彌撒將由 Fr. Anthony Tuan Nguyen 神父主持.
5. 請為最近回歸父家的亡者: Janine Tseng 曾秀娟; Siu Kuen, Au Yeung Ho歐陽何少娟; Joseph Conrad Woo 胡康強; Imelda Ho何江秋桂(Raphael Ho)的母親祈禱, 求主賜他們永遠安息.
6. 請記下這日子:6/3會有中英聯合彌撒,然後是拍攝堂區全家福照片和堂區美食節.
7. 詢眾要求,繼機器人班之外,夏令營現再加插兒童美勞和烹飪班;由6/10-7/29共8個星期日 9:30-11AM. 詳情請參看背頁宣傳. 請聯絡Aileen Louie, Cecilia Leong 或Virginia Wong.
8. 今天英文彌撒後有夏令營義工會議。請各義工務必出席。
9. 本堂將有助學金計劃給予教友們的子女申請。凡現正就讀高中及大學學仕課程均可報名。申請者必須經常參與本堂的宗教活動及服務我們的團體。有興趣者可以向辦事處,Ken Dong 或 Vincent Yip 索取報名表,並在5/20前交回以作選核。我們將通知你如何提交視像介紹.
10. 今年聖人之城青年活動將於八月三至五日在UCLA舉行,歡迎高中學生參與,請向Ching Ching Law 或Vincent Yip報名。
11. 第二屆聲Sing相識歌唱比賽 (Voice of St. Bridget) 現正接受報名,有興趣者請將歌唱音樂聲帶於 今日前遞交。初賽於6月3日 Taste of St. Bridget 中播放参賽歌曲,決賽於 10月13日籌款晚會中舉行。如有問題,請聯絡Agnes Yeung。
12. 健康舞蹈班今天取消。

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