News 8-26-2018

1. Today is Mission Cooperative, there will 2nd collection for evangelization of China.
2. Fundraising Dinner:
•Thank you for your support. This year’s 79th Anniversary Dinner tickets have sold out. We will accept waitlist guests starting today.
•Please continue to buy raffle tickets!
•Please contact Hazel Ng if you have gift cards to donate.
3. We welcome all of the Young Families Group Members to join us to one of the most delightful events of our group: The very first Membership Kickoff Party, which is going to be held on September 23th, 12:30pm, at St. Joseph House. Lunch will be provided. Please stop by the Ticket Booth after Mass outside the Church and get some FREE fresh drinks for a fresh start with us! Thank you!
4. 8/22(Wed.) Fr Lam said the funeral service for Mr. Anthony Hui at Queen of Heaven. There will be a memorial Mass on 9/8 (Sat.) in our church at 9:30am, all are welcome. Please pray for his soul.
5. 8/24(Fri.) Fr Lam said the funeral service at Holy Cross for Nancy Cheung’s sister Mary Cheung. Please pray for her soul.
6. 8/25 (Sat.) Fr Lam said the funeral service at Rose Hills for Judia Wu’s husband Alfred Y. Wu. There will be a memorial Mass on 9/15(Sat.) in our church at 9:30am. All are welcome.
7. 8/27 (Mon.) St. Monica, she prayed hard for the conversion of her son St. Augustine. Let’s follow her and pray for our own children.
8. 8/28 (Tue.) St. Augustine, Bishop and Doctor. After his conversion and baptism he became a true Christian. He was ordained a bishop later and shepherded the Lord’s sheep.
9. 8/29 (Wed.) The Martyrdom of John the Baptist. He sacrificed his life for justice. May we follow his spirit of being faithful to the Lord.
10. 8/29-9/1 Fr. Lam will go to Richmond Salesian HS for a meeting of Directors and Pastors. Please pray for them in making important decisions for US West Province.
11. 2018-2019 Religious Education classes will begin on 9/16. In addition to our regular program, there will be a new class for toddlers age 2.5 to 4 using the Montessori-based Good Shepherd program. The children will hear Bible stories, watch them acted out with simple materials, and learn songs and prayers. If your child is interested in participating in this year’s religious education program, please call or message Ching Ching.
12. Holy Family Society regular meeting will be held at St. Joseph House, starting at 12:30pm. Before the meeting, from 11:00am to 12:00 noon – a Cantonese mini seminar “Medical Insurance Titbits” – by professional insurance agent Christina Lam. Non-members are welcome to attend. To accommodate members from the English Mass, we can purchase individual lunch for you ( Price & menu : ).
Sign up with Maria Yu or Eva Yuen.
13. Thank you for your inputs. We have the final draft of the corrected donor plaque posted at the Church entrance. Please review, if there is any additional change, please inform Joseph Ng, Maggie Tsui or Raymond Wong.
14. Line Dance practice today from 12:30pm-2:30 pm in Room DB#1.

1. 8月26日-今日是Mission Cooperative (福傳主日), 有第二次捐獻, 為中國福傳工作.
2. 籌款晚會:
•多謝大家鼎力支持。 今年79週年晚宴餐劵現已售罄。如有興趣者,可加入候補名單.
•捐贈禮卡者請聯絡Hazel Ng.
3. 各位,我們「主恩小家庭」成立以來第一個精彩活動 -「會員迎新派對」即將舉行!活動將於九月二十三日,下午十二時三十分,在聖若瑟樓舉行!屆時將有午餐供應。如有興趣者,請於彌撒後到教堂外的售票處購買門票,我們會贈送清新凍飲,讓我們一起展開清新一頁!謝謝!
4. 8月22日(星期三) 林神父在Queen of Heavens 天主教墳場為許耀權先生主持逾越聖祭, 求主賜他永遠安息. 9月8日(星期六) 上午9時30分在本堂為許耀權先生有追思彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
5. 8月24日(星期五) 林神父在Holy Cross 為Nancy Cheung 的妹妹Mary Cheung 主持逾越聖祭, 請為她靈魂安息祈禱.
6. 8月25日(星期六) 林神父在Rose Hills 為Judia Wu 的丈夫 Alfred Y. Wu 主持安息禮儀. 9月15日(星期六)上午9時30分在本堂為Alfred Y. Wu有追思彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
7. 8月27日(星期一) 聖莫尼加瞻禮日, 她為兒子奧斯定悔改而熱切祈禱, 願我們效法她的表樣, 為自己的兒女祈禱.
8. 8月28日(星期二) 聖奧斯定主教及聖師, 他悔改領洗後, 成為名符其實的基督徒, 後來更被祝聖為主教, 管理天主委托的羊群.
9. 8月29日(星期三) 聖若翰洗者殉道, 他為正義而犧牲性命, 願我們效法他忠貞於主的致命精神.
10. 8月29日至9月1日林神父將前往Richmond Salesian High School 參加美西會區的院長及本堂神父會議, 請為他們祈禱, 使能為整個會區作出重要的決議.
11. 主日學將於9/16開學.本年加插以蒙特梭利為基礎的好牧人新班給2.5-4歲兒童,內容包括聆聽聖經故事,用簡單材料演繹,學習唱歌和祈禱.有興趣者請聯絡青青.
12. 聖家會例會將於今天8/26在聖約瑟樓大廳舉行,例會在 12:30pm正式開始。為方便各會員之需, 大會提供兩項服務. 希望各會員出席:
•11:00 am至 12:00 noon 專題講座 “醫療保險知多點” – 由專業從業員Christina Lam主持. 講座歡迎非會員參加.
•提供午餐,每位$7.00. 有興趣者,請和Maria Yu或Eva Yuen報名
13. 多謝你們的意見.更正捐贈者牌匾草稿已經貼在教堂入門旁邊的牆上。請查閱,如有任何更改,請通知Joseph Ng, Maggie Tsui或Raymond Wong。
14. 健康舞蹈練習今天於慈幼青年中心一號室舉行。時間為12:30-2:30PM.

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