News 12-2-2018

1. 12/3 (Mon.) St Francis Xavier. He has visited India and Japan to spread the good news and has converted many. He died in 1552 in Shangchuan Island in China.
2. 12/6 (Thu.) St Nicholas. Please attend Mass and pray for his intercession that God protects us from all harms on our road to salvation.
3. 12/7 (Fri.) St Ambrose. He was elected Bishop unexpectedly in Milan in 374. He became a faithful servant.
4. 12/8 (Sat.) The Immaculate Conception of the Bl. Virgin Mary. It is a day of obligation. There will be 9:30am Mass. All are welcome.
5. Holy Family Society regular meeting is changed to this Sunday Dec 02, 2018 at St. Joseph House, starting at 12:30pm. To accommodate members from both Masses, we will provide the following: 11:00am to 12:00pm – Fountain of Love and Live sharing; A group lunch will be provided at $7.00/person. We can also purchase lunch for you (Price & menu: Sign up before 11 am with Maria Yu or Eva Yuen.
6. The annual meeting of the Hospitality Ministry will be held today December 2nd, from 1:30 pm to 3 pm. Father Lam will provide training and guidance to help us better serve our parishioners. We are also now accepting nomination for the next president and election will be held in anonymous fashion during the meeting. Please make yourself available. If you have any questions, please contact Felix Wong.
7. Today at the end of each Mass, we will elect the Parish Pastoral Council members for the next two years term 2019-2020.
8. Young Families Group invites all of you to celebrate Christmas season together! The Christmas Dinner Party will be held on December 9th, from 5 pm to 7:30 pm, at Sesame Grill, Arcadia. There will be 3-Course Prix Fixe French Cuisine, fun games, and fabulous raffle prizes. 3 Course Menu is priced at $30 for members, $35 for non-members. Kids’ Menu is priced at $15 each. There will be fun games and fabulous raffle prizes. Seats are limited, please sign up by emailing us at as soon as possible!
9. CACCLC is having a fundraiser to help reduce the cost of camp registration this upcoming year and get as many young adults to attend as possible! We will be selling Christmas Cards, handmade ornaments, and handmade hand warmers on 12/9 and 12/16 after Chinese and English Mass. Please come check out our booth outside and thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Cecilia Vong.
10. The Chinese Advent retreat will be held on 12/15 (Sat). It will be conducted by Deacon Joseph Yuen from Seattle in Cantonese. The fee including lunch is $10 per person. Please register with Legion of Mary.
11. There will be a combined Mass on 12/16 at 10am, followed by Christmas celebration and lunch. Please come with your friends and family. This is a great opportunity to invite non-parishioners to visit us.
12. The Holy Family Society will hold its traditional New Year’s Eve celebration. This year it will be held at Empress Harbor Restaurant in Monterey Park, Date: 12/31/2018 Monday from 6 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. New Year’s Day. There will be a sumptuous dinner, song and dance, games, and prizes. Everyone is welcome. The cost is $55 for members, and $60 for non-members. Please sign up with Maria Yu and Eva Yuen as soon as possible.
13. Line Dance practice today from 12:30pm to 2:30pm in Room DB#1.
14. Next Sunday Dec. 9, there will be 2nd collection. Retirement Fund for Religious priests, brothers & sisters. Please be generous.

1. 12月3日(星期一) 聖方濟.沙勿略司鐸紀念日,他曾到印度及日本各地傳佈福音,勸化多人歸正.1552年死於中國上川島.
2. 12月6日(星期四) 聖尼閣主教紀念日,請參與彌撒,求聖人轉求天主,保護我們脫免一切災禍,使我們在救恩的道路上順利前進.
3. 12月7日(星期五) 聖安博主教及聖師紀念日, 公元374年在米蘭城出乎意料而被選為主教, 在任時克盡牧職.
4. 12月8日(星期六) 聖母無玷始胎慶日, 是當守瞻禮日, 早上9時30分在本堂有彌撒聖祭, 歡迎各位教友參加.
5. 聖家會提前於本星期日12/02在聖約瑟樓大廳舉行月會,例會在 12:30pm正式開始。為方便各教友之需, 大會提供兩項服務. 希望各位會員出席是次例會: 11:00 am至 12:00 pm – 生命恩泉分享,歡迎非會員參加。提供午餐,每位$7.00. 或代購午餐 (菜单及价錢:, 有興趣者, 11時前請向 Maria Yu 或 Eva Yuen 報名。
6. 接待組將於今日十二月二日下午一時半至三時於本堂舉行年度會議。屆時林神父將向各會員提供服務指引及心得分享,而本會亦將於當日進行新任主席不記名投票,敬請各會員抽空出席及踴躍提名主席候選人。如有任何問題,請聯絡Felix Wong。
7. 今日兩台彌撒後,選舉本堂未來兩年2019-2020的堂區議會成員。
8. 主恩小家庭誠意邀請各位教友一同歡度聖誕佳節!我們將於12月9日,晚上5 時至 7 時半,於亞罕迪亞 Sesame Grill 舉行聖誕慶祝晚會。屆時將有3道菜點法式料理、豐富遊戲節目及抽獎活動。收費為會員$30,非會員 $35;兒童餐 每位 $15。名額有限,敬請從速報名!報名請電郵 。
9. 為使更多青年能參加2019年的CACCLC(加州華人天主教生活營), 我們將於12/9 & 12/16 中英文彌撒後會有聖誕卡,聖誕飾品,和自製的暖手袋義賣籌款。歡迎蒞臨我們的攤位購買, 謝謝您們的支持。如有查詢請聯絡Cecilia Vong.
10. 十二月十五日(星期六)是將臨期退省日,中文講者是來自西雅圖的袁銘成執事,主題:假的眞不了。包括午餐的費用是每人$10。請向聖母軍報名。
11. 12月16日上午10時中英文聯合彌撒;彌撒後有聖誕聯歡會和聚餐,歡迎各位帶同親友來分享歡樂時光。這是一個很好機會邀請教外朋友來臨本堂。
12. 聖家會秉承過去多年的傳统,舉辦新年除夕晚會.
是夜有豐富晚餐,有歌有舞,遊戲及獎品,歡迎大家參加,會員$55,非會員$60.有興趣者,請速向Maria Yu及Eva Yuen報名.
13. 今天健康舞蹈練習於慈幼青年中心一號室舉行,時間為12:30-2:30PM。
14. 12月9日(星期日) 有第二次捐獻.為退休的修會會士: 神父, 修士及修女. 請慷慨捐獻.

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