News 12-30-2018


  1. Today 12/30, The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, please pray for our The Holy Family Society, Young Family Group and all of our Church Parish families for their blessing and help to each others.
  2. Jan 1, 2019 (Tue), Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God, The Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord (holy day of obligation), Chinese Mass at 9:30am and English Mass at 11:15 am. All are welcome.
  3. Jan 3 (Thu), The Most Holy Name of Jesus, there will be Mass at 9:30am. All are welcome.
  4. Jan 4 (Fri), The first Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart, there will be adoration at 6:30pm and Mass at 7:30pm. All are welcome.
  5. Jan 5 (Sat), The first Saturday devotion to Mary Immaculate, there will be Mass at 9:30am. All are welcome.
  6. The 2019 donation envelops are available, please obtain yours from members of the Finance Council. For your convenience, they have set up a distribution booth outside today.
  7. Peace Light, symbolic of the Light of Christ and to promote peace among all, was brought to our church by scouts this Christmas. Every year the flame originates in Bethlehem, is flown to Austria where this service was originally organized, gets distributed and travels throughout Europe and USA, Canada and Mexico. Check out more info near the church entrance.
  8. For parishioners who are inconvenient to use the steps to enter the church, please use the sacristy entry behind the altar.
  9. The Holy Family Society Dinner tickets for the New Year Eve Countdown Celebration have been sold out. Thank you for your support. Those who purchased the tickets, see you on 12/31 at Empress Harbor Restaurant. Reception opens at 6 pm. Program starts at 6:30 pm. Please plan to arrive on time.
  10. There will be no Dance Class this Sunday (12/30) and will resume class on 01/06/2019. 堂區報告
  11. 今日(12月30日) 是聖家節, 求耶穌, 聖母及聖若瑟特別降福聖家會, 主恩小家庭及堂區所有家庭, 使他們能效法聖家, 互助互愛.
  12. 2019年一月一日(星期二) 天主之母節, 聖誕八日慶典, 是當守瞻禮日, 上午9時30分有中文彌撒, 11時15分有英文彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
  13. 1月3日(星期四) 是耶穌聖名瞻禮日, 上午9時30分在本堂有彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
  14. 1月4日(星期五) 是首瞻禮六, 特敬耶穌聖心, 晚上6時30分有明供聖體, 7時30分有特敬聖心彌撒, 歡迎各位教友參加.
  15. 1月5日(星期六) 特敬聖母無玷聖心, 早上9時30分在本堂有彌撒聖祭, 歡迎各位教友參加.
  16. 2019的堂區捐獻信封己凖備好,請各位教友彌撒後向財務組的成員索取。他們今天特設發放攤位方便大家。
  17. 和平之光–象徵著基督的光和促進所有人的和平,今年聖誕節由童軍帶到我們的教堂。每年這火焰起源於白冷,飛往奧地利,即服務的發源地,在那裡被分發往歐洲多國, 美加和墨西哥等。請查看教堂入口附近的簡介。
  18. 各位教友如有不方便使用梯級入教堂, 請用祭台後祭衣房門口出入.謝謝.
  19. 聖家會感謝大家鼎力支持,新年除夕倒數晚會門票全部售馨!已購票者,蒙市翠亨村見! 屆時將於6時恭候,6時半入席,請各位準時𦲷臨!
  20. 健康舞蹈班於本星期日(12/30)停課至01/06/2019復課。

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