News 12-23-2018


  1. 2018 Christmas Mass schedule is on the back page.
  2. 12/26 (Wed.) St. Stephen; he is the first martyr of the Church. Please attend Mass and pray for his protection to the Church.
  3. 12/27 (Thu.) St. John (Apostle and Evangelist); he is the author of the Gospel of John and 3 Letters of John. Please attend Mass and pray for his blessings.
  4. The California Chinese Catholic Living Camp 2019 Team sincerely thanks you for your support for our fundraiser these past two weeks. Your tremendous generosity is greatly appreciated and will fully go towards our ministry to help our young adults grow deeper in their Catholic faith. We are always grateful for the care you have for the Church and the young people in it. You are especially in our prayers of thanksgiving during this Advent and upcoming Christmas seasons. God bless!
  5. For parishioners who are inconvenient to use the steps to enter the church, please use the sacristy entry behind the altar.
  6. The Holy Family Society New Year’s Eve celebration, tickets have been sold out, thank you for all the supports.
  7. Line Dance practice today from 12:30pm to 2:30pm in SJH #1.
  8. 2018 聖誕禮儀時間表,請參閱已登在背頁.
  9. 12月26日(星期三)聖斯德範 (首位殉道者), 他是教會第一位殉道者, 請參與彌撒, 求聖人保護教會.
  10. 12月27日(星期四) 聖若望(宗徒及聖史), 他是聖若望福音及聖若望書信的作者, 請參與彌撒, 求聖人降福我們.
  11. CCCLC多謝大家支持上兩週義賣,款項將有助培育青年人信德增長.我們在這將臨和聖誕期間為你們獻上感恩祈禱,祝主佑!
  12. 各位教友如有不方便使用梯級入教堂, 請用祭台後祭衣房門口出入. 謝謝.
  13. 聖家會舉辦之新年除夕晚會. 門票已全部售罄,多謝大家支持。
  14. 健康舞蹈練習今天於聖若瑟大廳舉行。

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