News 12-22-2019

1. December 25, Christmas Holiday, the office will be closed. In case of Emergency, please call Fr. John Lam, 323-382-5922.
2. Thanks Young Family for decorating the church, and provide the Christmas Celebration. Thanks also to Ken Dong and Catherine for helping to cook the delicious lunch.
3. There will be a basketball tournament around late February to early March. Please sign up with Matthew Ko either in person or email at It is free to play and everyone is welcome.
4. December 28, Saturday, there will be Mass at 9:30 am, you are all welcome.
5. Shepherd Group Valentine dance dinner party will be held on February 8, 2020 at Montebello Quiet Cannon. Ticket prices: $60 adult; $40 child(under 12). We sincerely invite you, your partner, your family and friends to join us for this wonderful evening. Ticket starts selling today, please visit Shepherd booth or contact Shepherd members for more information.
6. In the worship aid of Chinese New Year 2020, we will have a commemoration section for people to commemorate their loved ones who have gone before us into eternal life. Suggested donation: $5 per name. Please contact Peter Chan for more information. Deadline will be on 1/12.
7. The 2020 donation envelops are available, please obtain yours from members of the Finance Council. For your convenience, they have set up a distribution booth outside today.
8. Line Dance practice today from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in SJH #l.
A very warm thank you to everyone who joined our church’s Christmas party on December 15th. It was a wonderful party with delicious foods, great performances, fun games, and gifts! Everyone had a great time gathering together with Fr. Lam to celebrate Christmas. We hope that you enjoy this holiday season and also remember the true meaning of Christmas – Christ’s Mass, that is, Christ, our Savior, was born for all nations of people.

1. 12月25日 (星期三)聖誕假期,堂區辦事處休息一天,如有要事,請與林神父聯絡323-382-5922。
2. 誠心多謝主恩小家庭各成員幫助佈置聖堂及安排聖誕聯歡節目,多謝Ken Dong 夫婦等烹調豐富的聖誕午餐。
3. 明年二月底、三月初我們將舉辦一項籃球比賽,參與球賽是免費的,有興趣者請親自或至電郵 向 Matthew Ko 報名。
4. 12月28日(星期六)早上9時30分在本堂有彌撒,歡迎各位教友參加。
5. 協群Shepherd Group 將於明年二月八日(星期六)在Montebello Quiet Cannon 舉行萬眾期待的情人節餐舞會,成人每位 $60; 小童(十二歲以下)$40。我們誠意邀請閣下偕同情人, 家人和朋友參加, 和我們共度一個歡樂的晚上。座位有限, 報名從速。餐卷將於今日在協群攤位開始公開發售。活動詳情及報名請與協群會員聯絡。
6. 二〇二〇年春節祭祖彌撒經文本中將刊登永懷紀念通功代禱欄。歡迎教友也在經文本中刊登您所希
Peter Chan聯絡填寫表格。
7. 2020 的堂區捐献信封己凖備好, 請各位教友彌撒後向財務组的成員索取. 他們今天特設發放攤位方便大家.
8. 健 康 舞 蹈 練 習 今 天12:30 pm to 2:30 pm於 聖 若 瑟 樓 大 廳 舉 行。________________________________________

多謝林神父及眾教友參予本堂區於 12月15日舉辨的 聖誕聯歡會,當日氣氛熱鬧,除了有美味午餐外,還有精彩表演、問答遊戲及豐富禮物,令所有賓客笑不攏嘴。願各位在聖誕佳節除了享受歡樂聚會外,也記念耶穌的誕生是為了把救恩帶給所有人。

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