1) Yesterday, we had the “Groundbreaking” of Mary Help of Christians Centers, this means that we have advanced a great step in the building, please continue to pray for its successful completion.
2) Today is Mothers’ Day, please pray for all the mothers, that God may bless them through the intercession of Mary.
3) Congratulations to Markus Cheng, from our Religious Ed Program, who received his First Communion today during the 11:15 AM Mass. Please continue to pray for Markus and his family as they grow closer in their relationship to Jesus every day through His Most Precious Holy Sacrament.
4) Please keep our confirmands in your prayers: Magdalene Kho, Catherine Wan, Michael Warsono, Anika Wong. They will receive their confirmation next Sunday, on 5/16, at St. Peter Italian Catholic Church. We ask the blessed mother to accompany each one of them as they prepare themselves with steadfast faith and conviction to receive the Holy Spirit and all the spiritual gifts He promise to give.
5) St. Bridget is offering scholarships to parishioner’s children, who attend the church regularly and help serve our church community. Eligible applicants should be enrolled in high school (9th to 12th grade) or be an undergraduate in college. Applications can be picked up from Fr. Lam’s office, or from Ken Dong by emailing him at kklace@sbcglobal.net. Applicants will be evaluated based on service to St. Bridget, and the community, as well as their academic achievement. All interested applicants should submit their application with a brief essay describing their service to St Bridget and to the community, and what it means to them.
6) Archdiocese’ Annual Appeal, “Together In Mission”: the goal assigned to St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church this year is $10,165. We need your support in this endeavor. Collection for this purpose will start next Sunday, 5/16. Please drop off your donation in specially marked collection box at church or make donation via mail, PayPal, Bill Pay.
7) Happy Easter! Thank you for joining us in prayers on the 1st and 3rd Fridays on Zoom or YouTube during the past 7 months and participating in our virtual stations of the cross over Lent. As we move into the Easter season, Fr. Lam will resume our regular 7:30pm First Friday Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotional Mass at church. On the 3rd Friday of every month, Fr. Peter Pong will be leading Lectio Divina for us at 8:00pm. All are welcome to join!
8) Old Mary Help of Christians building now is a construction site. For your safety, please do not enter.
9) According to the instructions given by the Archdiocese, determine by the pastor, Mass can be celebrated indoor/outdoors. All mass attendees must always wear face masks and maintain 6’ social distance. Parishioners who would like to attend Mass in-person, please continue to register.
English Mass: https://forms.gle/34xNDhJvyUHj7t9c7

We rely on the generosity of our parish community to be able to support our ministries, pay our staff and meet our financial obligations. Since the Sunday Mass has been suspended, we would appreciate anything that you can continue to do for your parish. You may make your donation using the following methods:
Via Postal Service:
Make check payable to: SBCCC
Address: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Via PayPal: Donation can be made through PayPal; the Parish’s account name is: donation@stbridgetccc.org. For those not familiar with PayPal, click on the Donate button link on the Church’s website (https://home.stbridgetccc.com/), donation can be made with credit card. Remember to check the “share your mailing address with St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” box if you desire to receive donation receipt at year end.
Via Bill Pay: Most banks have the “Bill Pay” feature. You may use this feature to make donation to the Parish. Add “St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” as a new payee. Address: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Phone: 323 222 5518. Your bank will send a paper check to the Parish, saving you the trouble of writing and sending a check.


1) 昨天我們舉行了聖母進教之佑樓的動土禮﹐這表示興建工程邁進一大步﹐請各位教友繼續為這工程順利完成祈禱。
2) 今天是母親節﹐請為所有母親祈禱﹐求天主及聖母降福她們。
3) 本堂於今日英文彌撒當中,特別慶祝兒童道理班學生Markus Cheng初領聖體,求上主祝福Markus和他的家庭在主內藉着聖體聖事,和基督緊密聯繫,生活中與主同行。
4) 請為堂區即將於5月16日在聖伯多祿意大利天主堂領受堅振聖事的青年祈禱,特別祈求聖母陪伴他們,以堅強的信德,準備好自己,領受聖神及衪所許諾的一切神恩。
5) 羅省華人天主堂向區內居民的孩子提供獎學金,他們應時常參與教會活動並服務我們的教會團體。 符合條件的申請人應就讀高中(9至12年級)或大學學仕課程。 可以從林神父的辦公室獲取申請表格﹐或給Ken Dong電子郵件,電郵地址是kklace@sbcglobal.net。 將根據對羅省華人天主堂和社區的服務以及他們的學術成就來評估申請人。 所有感興趣的申請人都應提交簡短文章,說明他們對羅省華人天主堂和社區的服務以及這一切對他們的意義。
6) 教區的『共襄福傳』: 本年度羅省華人天主堂的指定籌募目標為$10,165。我們將於下週日, 5/16, 開始收集捐款, 請將捐款投入教堂專用奉獻箱, 或用支票, PayPal, Bill Pay 等方法。希望各位教友鼎力支持。
7) 復活節快樂!多謝大家在過往七個月的第一
8) 舊聖母進教之佑樓現在是建築地盤。為你的安全, 請不要進入。
9) 根據教區最新指引,本堂神父可以決定彌撒於室外或室內舉行,教友必須保持社交距離及帶口罩。教友如欲親身參與彌撒,請繼續於網上登記多謝合作。
中文彌撒 https://forms.gle/8jZCHjUzfMKKGnKE9

支票抬頭: SBCCC
地址: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
網上電子捐獻 經PayPal:
捐獻經PayPal; 堂區的賬號是: donation@stbridgetccc.org. 不熟識 PayPal 的教友, 可在堂區的網站 (https://home.stbridgetccc.com/)按 Donate button 即可。捐獻可用信用卡支付。如要年终的捐獻收據, 請在 “share your mailing address with St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” 的小方格打勾。
經個人銀行支付 (Bill Pay):
大多銀行有網上付賬的功能. 教友可用此功能捐獻。 加 “St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church” 入 新賬戶; 填上堂區地址: 445 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. 電話: 323 222 5518 即可。 這個 功能有別於直接過賬, 只是銀行代你郵寄支票到堂區, 省卻你們的麻煩

Saints of this week
1) 5/10 (Mon): St. Damien of Molokai (Priest)
2) 5/12 (Wed): St. Nereus and Achilleus (Martyrs) St. Pancra (Martyrs)
3) 5/13(Thu): Our Lady of Fatima
4) 5/14 (Fri): St. Matthias (Apostle)
5) 5/15 (Sat): St. Isidore (Farmer)

1) 5月10日(星期一): 聖達彌盎‧莫洛凱(司鐸)
2) 5月12日(星期三): 聖聶勒及聖亞基略(殉道)
3) 5月13日(星期四): 花地瑪聖母
4) 5月14日(星期五): 聖瑪弟亞 (宗徒)
5) 5月15日(星期六): 聖依西多祿 (農夫)

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