News 堂區通訊 3/13/2011

羅省華人天主堂消息 3/13/2011 四旬期第一主日


1. 今天繼續有第二次為〝Together in Mission〞奉献,教區給本堂區的目標是$7247.80,多謝各教友,上主日巳捐贈了$1989.25。請各教友繼續熱力慷慨支持。
2. 今天有健康舞班練習. 時間: 12:30 – 2:30. 在 St. Joseph House. 請準時出席。
3. 四旬期內由3月11日至4月22日,逢星期五晚上7時30分在聖堂內有拜苦路,請各位教友參加。
4. 由洛杉磯總教區主辨的宗教培育會議(Religious Education Congress)將於3月18至 20日於Anaheim Convention Center舉行。為鼓勵教友參加,堂區將資助教友一半的報名費用。詳情請向Eric Li査詢。
5. 3月19日上午9時30分耆英組開會,10時將在聖堂內慶祝聖若瑟瞻禮,在彌撒中舉行傅油禮,歡迎及祝聖新會員。
6. 本堂足球隊將在St. John Bosco High School 主辦足球錦標賽,日期由三月二十七開始。有興趣加入我們隊伍的朋友,請與隊長Joseph Koay 聯絡。
7. 由洛杉磯總教區Ethnic Ministry一年一度的四旬期英文退省將在3月26日早上9時至下午4時在Montebello的De Paul Evangelization Center舉行。Fr. Gus Taylor將會帶領退省。我們的英文歌詠團將會為退省做泰澤祈禱。費用為$25包括早午餐,林神父鼓勵教友參加。因名額有限如有興趣者請立刻與Ken Dong或Cecilia Chan 報名。
8. 堂區四旬期中文退省將於4月16日星期六舉行,由來自温哥華的何庭耀神父主講,主題是「成聖之道」。費用為$10包括午餐。如有興趣參加者請在中文彌撒後報名。
9. 本堂繼續直至4/16為本堂教友及鄰近社區低收入人仕免費報2010年的個人入息稅. 只要家庭總收入不超過$40,000, 便可接受此項服務. 請大家通知可享用這項服務的親友. 查眴及預約電話 (323)222-5518。
10. 中文歌詠團和聖家會在3月27日携手合辦泰澤共融祈禱。 時間是下午一時開始,為時大約1小時。盼望能在四旬期內參與這個特別的祈禱,潔淨心靈與主相偕,為迎接復活的基督。 歡迎各位教友參與。
11. 歡迎各位教友參觀本堂新設計的堂區網頁,

中文彌撤 –Warren Lee & Shepherd Group
英文彌撤-Joe Ng & Irene Choy
本周內彌撒意向: 葉陳帶娣求乎安,Heeln Wu為母親唐明病癒祈禱。
煉靈(亡者)彌撒:葉國發,葉玉梅修女,何學誠先生,何羅秀芳太太,吳美薏,Thomas Kong,諸衆煉靈。

請為以下亡者祈禱,望主賜予永安及永光照之:Mrs. Jean Soo Hoo,伍馬普韶,
潘老太,Joseph Wing Chew Mah,Tammy Wong,余林蘊純,Mrs. Shiu Fa Wong。
請為以下病人祈禱,求主賜他們早日康復:岑謝桂群,Rosa Chan,于李惠芳,Frieda Chen,唐明。

Papal Intention for March: That the nations of Latin America may walk in fidelity to the Gospel and be bountiful in social justice and peace.

St. Bridget’s Chinese Catholic Church Bulletin
The First Sunday of Lent

1. We will continue with the second collection for the Archdiocese’ “Together in Mission,” until the target of $7247.80 is reached. Thanks to the generosity of the parishioners, we have already collected $3083.50 towards that target in the last two weeks.
2. Line Dance will continue today from 12:30 to 2:30 in St. Joseph’s House.
3. There will be a Station of the Cross (in Cantonese) every Friday at 7:30 p.m. during Lent (from March 11th through April 22nd). All parishioners are encouraged to attend.
4. The Religious Education Congress held by the Archdiocese will convene in the Anaheim Convention Center from March 18 to 20. To encourage parishioner participation, our parish will defray half of the registration fee. Please talk to Eric Li for details.
5. The Everyoung Society will celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph on Saturday March 19th with a meeting at 9:30 a.m. and a Mass at 10. During Mass we will celebrate the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, and welcome and blessing of new members.
6. Our church’s soccer team will host a tournament at St. John Bosco High School, starting on March 27th. Those interested in joining the team please contact team captain Joseph Koay.
7. The annual Lenten retreat held by the Ethnic Ministry of the Archdiocese will be held on March 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the DePaul Evangelization Center in Montebello. The retreat will be led by Father Gus Taylor, and our English choir will lead a Taize prayer. The cost is $25, including breakfast and lunch. Father Lam encourages all the parishioners to attend. Because space is limited, please register with Ken Dong or Cecilia Chan as soon as possible.
8. Our Church’s annual Cantonese retreat will be held on April 16th. It will be directed by Fr. Anthony Ho from Vancouver. Please register with Eric Li.
9. Our church is continuing its participation in VITA, which is a free income tax service for neighboring low income families, through April 16th. You can avail yourself of this service if your family income is below $40,000. Please inform your family and friends. For information or appointment, please call (323)222-5518.
10. The Chinese Choir and Holy Family Society will jointly sponsor a Taize prayer service on Sunday March 27th. It will begin at 1 p.m. and will last approximately one hour. We hope the parishioners will avail themselves of this special prayer during Lent, to cleanse their souls and become closer to the Lord, so as to welcome the risen Christ.
11. All parishioners are welcome to visit our new webpage

About St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church

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