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2. 2013年度捐獻証明文件已準備妥當。請在彌撒後與 Amy Wong 或任何一位財務委員會成員聯絡。

• 2月 2 日— 農曆新年。
• 2月 9 日— 慶祝農曆新年。當天上午10時正舉行中、英雙語彌撒。

4. 本堂將由2月8日至4月12日逢星期六為教友及鄰近社區人仕免費申報2013年的入息稅。凡家庭總收入不超過52,000美元,便可接受此項服務。請致電 323-222-5518查詢及預約。

5.  2月9日(星期日)本堂隆重慶祝農曆新年。
• 上午10時舉行中、英雙語彌撒,由本堂所屬地區Clark主教主禮。
• 65週年 — 劉鏡池、劉伍麗嫦(Tom & Lily Lowe)
• 50週年 — 黃強(Kenny Wong)、吳瑞意(Shui Yee Ng)
• 50週年 — 張錦添、張陳德馨
• 45週年 — Francisco Kwan Chick Ko、Maria Azucena Ko
• 40週年 — 歐陽展鵬、甄麗琴(Kenneth & Mandin Auyeung)
• 35週年 — 戴希成、李麗珊(Simon & Rose Tai)
• 35週年 — 汪偉權(Anthony Wong)、鄭文嫦(Juliana Cheng)
• 30週年 — 關仕強、黃瑞芳(Dominic & Sophia Kwan)
• 10週年 — Mark & Mary Dasca
• 中午12時至下午2時將舉行新春嘉年華。活動包括兒童粵劇欣賞、中國服飾比賽、醒獅、燈迷、書法、手工藝、新春美點等。請帶同家人、朋友前來一起與我們歡慶。當天午餐餐券每位5元正。

Church Announcements

1. There will be line dance practice today from 12:30p.m. to 2:30p.m. at St. Joseph House.

2. The 2013 annual donation acknowledgment letters are ready and available for pickup. Please see Amy Wong or any of the Financial Council members after Mass.

3. CCD classes will be cancelled for the following two Sundays:
• February 2, 2014 – Chinese New Year holiday
• February 9, 2014 – Chinese New Year celebration
(Bilingual Mass with Bishop Clark at 10:00am)
Classes will resume on February 16, 2014.

4. Our parish will offer free tax help to people who m make $52,000 or less. Assistance in preparing their 2013 tax returns will be available every Saturday from February 8 to April 12. Please call 323-333-5518 to make reservation.

5. Our parish will celebrate the Lunar New Year on Sunday, February 9.
• A bilingual Mass at 10:00a.m. will be celebrated by Bishop Clark, regional bishop of Our Lady of Angels region.
During Mass, the following anniversaries will be commemorated:
• 65th — Tom and Lily Lowe
• 50th — Kenny Wong and Shui Yee Ng
• 50th — Cheung Kum Tim and Chan Duk Hing
• 45th — Francisco Kwan Chick Ko and Maria Azucena Ko
• 40th — Kenneth and Mandin Auyeung
• 35th — Simon and Rose Tai
• 35th — Anthony Wong and Juliana Cheng
• 30th — Dominic and Sophia Kwan
• 10th — Mark and Mary Dasca
• Fun fair from 12:00 noon to 2:00p.m. Program includes Children Chinese Opera singing, Chinese costumes contest, lion dance, lantern riddles, calligraphy, arts and crafts, and CNY snacks tasting. Please invite your families and friends to come join the festivities. Lunch can be purchased at $5.00 each.

About St Bridget Chinese Catholic Church

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