News 2-7-2015

  1. There will be line dance practice in SJH1 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm today.
  2. There will be PPC meeting at SJH2 at 1:30 pm, please be punctual.
  3. There will be a Chinese New Year Fair on February 22, from 12:30 – 2:00 pm. Activities include lion dance, lantern riddles, calligraphy, arts and crafts and CNY snacks tasting. Lunch can be purchased. Please invite your families and friends to come. If you would like to volunteer for this event, please contact Selina Ko.
  4. The St. Bridget Church Family Camp will be held in Cedar Lake Camp, Big Bear Lake during Memorial Day weekend, from Saturday May 23rd to Monday the 25th. The 3 days/2 nights camp features outdoor/water activities and family oriented programs all in a beautiful mountain settings. Cost Per Person (includes 5 meals): Adults $130, children ages 12 or under $90, ages 2-5 $50. For more information or to sign up, please contact Peter Chan, Selina Ko, Amy Ho or email
  5. Saturday, February14, 2015 at 9:30 am there will be Mass in the church. You are all welcome to attend.
  6. Holy Family will have their monthly meeting on February 15, 2015 at St. Joseph House.
  7. Finance Council will present parish’s financial results for fiscal year ended June 30, 2014 and forecast for fiscal year ending June 30, 2015 during both Chinese and English Masses on February 15th.
  8. Together In Mission provides substantial financial support to 80 parishes and 63 schools in our Archdiocese. These parishes and schools provide education, ministry and a Catholic presence for tens of thousands of our sisters and brothers. The goal for St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church this year is $12,300. We will carry out second collections every Sunday until we achieve this goal. The theme of the campaign is “Be imitators of me” 1 Corinthians 11. Together in Mission provides an opportunity to show our concern for those served by the parishes and schools that need your financial support. Thank you for your generosity.
  1. 今天健康舞班將於下午12時30時至2時30分在若瑟樓第1室練習。
  2. 今日下午1時30分牧民議會將在若瑟樓第2室開會,請各會員準時出席。
  3. 2月22日中午12時30分至下午2時30分我們將慶祝農曆新年,彌撒後將慶祝農曆羊年。節目包括舞獅,猜燈謎,寫揮春及其他中華文化藝術制作. 請各位教友購買午餐劵並陪伴親朋好友參加. 教友如願意協助大會做義工, 請與Salina Ko 聯絡。
  4. 本堂春季家庭生活營將於5/23(星期六)-5/25(星期一)(亡兵紀念日長周末)在充滿湖光山色的大熊湖Cedar Lake Camp舉行。三日兩夜的節目除了戶外及水上活動外,還有適合各家庭成員的遊戲及晚會節目,歡迎教友及非教友家庭參加。費用(包括5餐)成人$130,小童12歲以下$90,2-5歲$50。請向Peter Chan, Selina Ko 和 Amy Ho 查詢詳情及報名,或電郵。
  5. 本星期六2月14日上午9時30分在本堂有彌撒聖祭,歡迎各位教友參加。
  6. 聖家會將於2月15日中午12時30時在若瑟第一室開會, 請各位會員準時出席參與。
  7. 財務委員會將於2月15日, 中, 英文彌撒中分別向各位教友闡述本堂2013 -2014 財政年度的結果, 及2014 -2015 財政年度的預算。
  8. 『共襄福傳』籌募行動為我們教區內80個堂區及63間學校提供了急需的財政援助。這些堂區為數以萬計的兄弟姊妹提供教育及宗教服務,使天主教會堅定不移地陪伴着弱勢社群。本年度,羅省華人天主堂的籌募目標為$12,300。我們將於每主日收集第二次奉獻直至達標為止。『共襄福傳』籌募行動的主題是「效法基督」【格前 11:1】;這個愛心行動將能使得到我們支援的弟兄姊妹們感受到我們的關愛。謝謝各位的慷慨。

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