News 11-20-2016

1. Everyoung member Lily Woo’s burial already took place on 11/15. Please pray for the repose of her soul. May God bless and comfort her family.
2. Parishioner has returned to the Lord on 10/28 and her burial was on 11/18. Please pray for her soul and may God bless and comfort her family.
3. Advent retreat will be held on Dec 17, 2016 Saturday.  Chinese retreat speaker is Msgr. Joseph Chiang and English retreat speaker is Fr. Lucero.  Registration will start soon.
4. The Holy Family Society will host a New Year’s Eve party at Empress Harbor restaurant in Monterey Park from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00  p.m.  The costs will be: adults $50, children (17 and under)$10.  Reservations will begin this Sunday, November 20 between masses and before the Thanksgiving dinner.
5. 11/21 is the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Please go to Mass and offer ourselves to God as Mary did.
6. 11/22 is St. Cecilia’s Feast Day. She is the patron saints for choir. We ask her to bless our Chinese & English choirs.
7. 11/24 is Thanksgiving. Church office will be closed. For emergency please contact Fr. Lam at 323.382.5922.
8. 11/26 (Sat) 9:30 Bereavement Ministry will offer Mass to all the departed parishioners. Please come and pray for your departed friends and family.
9. Nov is the month dedicated to the souls in Purgatory, if you want the Fr. John Lam to pray for your deceased, please sign the Form and put in the box. It will be brought to the Altar to remind the priest to pray for them.
10. Today is the last day of Teens for Christ’s  “Turkey and Canned Food Drive”. We would like to thank all the St. Bridget parishioners for their support and generosity.  We will continue to collect canned goods, and monetary donations till after English Mass. Everything that has been collected will be delivered to St. Mary’s Church this afternoon.   Thanks again for your support and God Bless.
11. Thanksgiving potluck dinner will be held on 11/20 at 5:00PM. Please invite your family and friend to this fun evening and good food. If you are interested to help in the kitchen or would like to perform please contact Richard Cheung and Richard Sun.
12. St. Bridget Bereavement Ministry wants to gather together to remember and to pray for our deceased loved ones and all the faithful departed. You are invited to join us on Saturday, November 26, 2016, at 9:30 a.m. for a Memorial Mass at St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church. In the Mass you may honor your deceased loved one by bringing his/her picture to be placed on a table. Hope to see you on the day.
13. There will be NO line dance practice today.

1. 本堂教友耆英組會員胡陳莉莉 (Lily Woo) 已於11月15日入土為安,請為她的靈魂安息祈禱。求天主聖神降福及安慰她的家人。
2. 教友吳余瑩於10月28日回歸天鄉並於11月18日入土為安,請為她的靈魂安息祈禱。求天主聖神降福及安慰她的家人。
3. 12/17(六)是將臨期退省日,中文講者是Joseph Chiang蒙席,英文講者是Fr. Lucero.即將接受報名。
4. 聖家會將於今年除夕主辦除夕聯歡晚會,歡迎各位教友及家庭參加。地點是蒙市翠亨邨,價錢是成人五十元,兒童〔十七歲以下〕十元,時間是五時至十時。有意參加者請與 Paul Lee, Catherine Lee or Eva Yuen 接洽及登記。
5. 11月21日 (星期一) 獻聖母於聖殿,請参與彌撒,效法聖母把我們奉獻於天主。
6. 11月22日 (星期二) 聖則濟利亞(貞女,殉道) ,她是音樂及歌詠團主保,求她福佑我們的中英文歌詠團。
7. 11月24日 (星期四) 是感恩節,是日堂區辦事處休假一天,如有要事,請聯絡林神父 (323-382-5922) 。
8. 11月26日 (星期六) 上午9時30分善寧組獻彌撒,為所有本堂已亡的教友,請各位教友參與彌撒,為家中已亡親友祈禱。
9. 十一月是煉靈月,如果你想要林神父為你的去世親友祈求,請填上特定表格,並放在盒中。盒子將被帶到祭壇提醒神父為所有亡者祈禱。
10. 基督少年團“火雞和罐頭食品收集”今天最後,多謝大家的支持。請將罐頭食品或捐款在英文彌撒後帶來,我們在下午將送往St. Mary’s。謝謝,天主保佑。
11. 聖堂感恩節聚餐將在今天5:00PM舉行.歡迎各位帶同親友一起來分享美食和歡樂時光。這是個很好機會邀請單身或教外朋友來臨本堂,。願意在廚房幫忙的朋友或有興趣表演娛樂大家的朋友請聯絡Richard Cheung 和 Richard Sun。
12. 本堂善寧組定於十一月(煉靈月)二十六日(星期六)早上9:30奉獻煉靈彌撒. 彌撒意向如下: 
二.為本堂歸主的教友及親友祈禱. 致誠邀請各位教友參加. 在該台彌撒, 你可以帶備亡者照片, 放置檯上, 表達尊敬, 懷念之心.
13. 健康舞蹈班今天取消。

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