News 11-27-2016

1. Advent retreat will be held on Dec 17, 2016 Saturday.  Chinese retreat speaker is Msgr. Joseph Chiang and English retreat speaker is Fr. Lucero.  Please register after Masses at the church patio.
2. Teens for Christ would like to thank the St. Bridget parishioners for all of their donations.  Because of your generosity we were able to take 6 boxes of food and a check for over $1400 to St. Mary’s.   Father Jesse of St. Mary’s thanks St. Bridget for sharing with his church.   Thank you again for your support and God Bless.
3. The Holy Family Society will host a New Year’s Eve party at Empress Harbor restaurant in Monterey Park from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  The costs will be: adults $50, children (17 and under)$10.  Please make your reservations with Paul Lee, Catherine Lee or Eva Yuen.
4. Nov 30th Wed, feast day of St. Andrew the apostle. Patron of Salesian America Western province. May God bless all Salesians on this feast day.
5. Dec 2nd Fri, first Friday. Eucharistic adoration at 6:30 and Mass for Sacred Heart at 7:30 pm. All are welcome.
6. Dec 3rd Sat, feast day of St. Francis Xavier. His Far East evangelization mission started in 1541, has reached and influenced India and Japan for 10 years. Many have converted. He died in 1552 on Shangchung Island on the way to China. There will be Mass at 9:30 am. All are welcome and pray for the evangelization of China.
7. PPC December meeting will be held on Dec 4, 2016 at 1:30pm, first Sunday of December. All PPC members please attend as new PPC will be formed for the next two years 2017-2018.
8. Line Dance practice from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in SJH #l. 堂區報告

1. 12/17日 (星期六) 是將臨期退省日, 中文講者是Joseph Chiang蒙席, 英文講者是Fr. Lucero. 彌撒後請在堂外報名。
2. 基督少年團感謝教友的捐贈,我們共籌得6箱食物和$1400款項給予St. Mary’s.  該堂的Father Jesse感謝本堂的慷慨分享.再次多謝和祝主佑!
3. 聖家會將於今年除夕主辦除夕聯歡晚會,歡迎各位教友及家庭參加。地點是蒙市翠亨邨,價錢是成人五十元,兒童〔十七歲以下〕十元,時間是五時至十時。有意參加者請與 Paul Lee, Catherine Lee or Eva Yuen 接洽及登記。
4. 11月30日 (星期三) 聖安德肋(宗徒) 是美國西岸會省的主保聖人,請各位參與彌撒,求他降福所有會士,使能有聖人的傳教熱誠。
5. 12月2日 (星期五) 是首瞻禮六,晚上6時30分有明供聖體,7時30分有特敬聖心彌撒,歡迎各位教友參加。
6. 12月3日 (星期六) 是聖方濟. 沙勿略(司鐸) 節日,他於1541年首途遠東,到印度及日本各地傳報福音,達十年之久,勸化多人歸正,1552年死於中國上川島。堂區早上9時30分有彌撒聖祭,歡迎參加,求聖人降福中國傳教事業。
7. 十二月堂區議會將會在下星期天十二月四日下午一時半舉行,2017-2018 議會成員將會在當日選派,請所有議會成員出席。
8. 健康舞蹈班今天於聖若瑟樓大廳舉行。

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