News 8-12-2018

1. The cooperator officers will be commissioned today during Mass, the officers are Warren Lee, co-ordinator, Ana Vong, vice co-ordinator, Edmond Ngo, secretary, Phoebe Mok, treasurer.
2. The St. Bridget 79th annual fundraising celebration dinner will be held on October 13 at NBC Seafood Restaurant. Dinner and Raffle tickets will be available starting August 19. For dinner tickets, please contact Agnes Yeung and Selina Ko. For raffle tickets, please contact Hazel Ng. Thank you for your support.
3. Thank you for your inputs. We have the final draft of the corrected donor plaque posted at the Church entrance. Please review, if there is any additional change, please inform Joseph Ng, Maggie Tsui or Raymond Wong.
4. Next Sunday 8/19, the Chinese choir will have an open house gathering at St Joseph House after Chinese mass.You are invited to sing with us in the gathering and share how Catholic mass songs influence your faith. Please contact Bruno Sum, Kimmy Lam, Joseph Koay.
5. 8/15(Wed.) Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a day of obligation. Today Legion of Mary celebrate their feast day “Our Lady of Assumption”. There will be Mass at 7:30pm, all are welcome.
6. Fr. Lam will be going to San Francisco to celebrate a wedding from 8/16-20 and will be celebrating Mass on 8/19 at Sts Peter and Paul Church. St Bridget’s 8/19 Masses will be celebrated by Fr. Su.
7. There will not be 9:30am Mass on 8/18(Sat.). Please go to your local church.
8. Gift card donation is needed for the fundraising dinner raffle prizes. Please contact Hazel Ng.
9. All young adults ages 18 and older are invited to the California Chinese Catholic Living Camp (CACCLC) this Labor Day Weekend, August 31st – September 3rd in Three Rivers, CA. Fr. James L. Heft from USC will talk about the theme of “Taking Ownership of Faith: Head, Heart, and Hands.” Registration is open till August 24th and is $180 for students/non-working and $230 for working individuals. Please visit for more information.
10. Line Dance practice today from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm in SJH #1.

1. 慈幼協進會會員今天在彌撒中接受派遣.他們是會長Warren Lee, 副會長Ana Vong, 文書Edmond Ngo和財政Phoebe Mok.
2. 第79周年籌款晚會將於10/13(六)晚假座NBC酒樓舉行.餐券和抽獎券在8/19開始發售.查詢餐券請聯絡Agnes Yeung 或Selina Ko, 查詢抽獎券請聯絡Hazel Ng, 多謝支持.
3. 多謝你們的意見. 更正捐贈者牌匾草稿已經貼在教堂入門旁邊的牆上。 請查閱,如有任何更改,請通知 Joseph Ng, Maggie Tsui 或 Raymond Wong。
4. 中華聖母聖詠團將於8月19日中文彌撒後在聖若瑟樓大廳舉行開放日聚會 。誠意邀請您進一步認識我們的團體,一同分享聖詠對您信仰生活的影響,並和我們一起練歌。請與 Bruno Sum, Kimmy Lam, Joseph Koay 查詢。
5. 8月15日(星期三)聖母蒙召升天節日,是當守瞻禮日. 今天聖母軍慶祝「聖母升天」主保瞻禮. 晚上7時30分有彌撒聖祭, 歡迎各位教友參加.
6. 林神父將於8月16日至20日前往三藩市主持婚禮. 並於8月19日在聖伯多祿聖保祿堂主持主日彌撒, 本堂的主日彌撒 (8月19日) 將由蘇神父主持中英文彌撒.
7. 8月18日(星期六) 9時30分,在本堂沒有彌撒, 教友可前往你家附近聖堂參與.
8. 籌款晚會誠徵禮卡作為抽獎禮物,捐贈者請聯絡Hazel Ng.
9. 2018年度的加州天主教華人生活營 (CACCLC)將會在8/31至9/3的勞工節長週末在Three Rivers, CA 舉行。今年的主題是「以思想,心靈和雙手實践信仰」。主講神師是Fr. James L. Heft。歡迎所有18歲以上的青年朋友與我們一起共度愉快的週末,加深我們的信仰生活,與主相遇。報名截止8月24日: 學生/非就業人士收費為$180,就業人士收費 為$230。詳情請見CACCLC官網
10. 健康舞蹈練習今天於聖若瑟樓大廳舉行。

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